Vegan ice cream – made with aquafaba

Whenever i use storebought/prepackaged chickpeas i always save the aquafaba, i.e liquid they are in as there is so much you can make using the aquafaba. I have made a post with some tips HERE.


I usually use that liquid for when i make pancakes or scones, but i wanted to try something new this time and i thought maybe i should try making mayonnaise with the aquafaba, or i have seen people make meringues using the liquid. However, as i neither like mayonnaise or merignues it would be a sort of waste as i wouldn’t know what to do with the finished product. So then when this recipe was shared by someone on facebook i thought, this sounds perfect to try!!


Soft serve ice cream made with aquafaba!! And the results – tasty, however i was a little too impatient so should have let it sit longer. Also i will post the recipe as i made it, and below share some thoughts/adjustments YOU should make if you try it (or the adjustments i will make if i try this recipe again!).

Also note… because it is made from chickpea water it can make you kind of gassy/bloated as 1) you whip air into the chickpea water which can make you bloat, and as it is chickpea water it can make you gassy just like with beans. So if you are sensitive to beans or have IBS i wouldn’t recommend this recipe.



And no… it doesn’t taste exactly like normal soft serve, but if you use more cream than the recipe says and you let it sit for several hours/over night i think it would be alot better than how it turned out for me!


Recipe: (Note, i would half the recipe if you are making for only one or two people)

300ml aquafaba

1tsp (15ml) lemon juice (either fresh or concentrate)

3dl (180g) sugar

Pinch of vanilla sugar – if you want

250ml soya cream (for whipping i.e not cooking cream)

& Extras/flavourings example chocolate chips, oreos, cacao powder, peanut butter powder, dates, coconut, nuts, caramel sauce etc


How to:

Begin by making sure the bowl and whisk/electric mixer you are using are completely free from fat or previous fat residue. I.e if you have maybe made a cake or something with fat or grease, make sure you have cleaned the bowl and whisk properly, otherwise the chickpea water might not turn fluffy.

Then begin by mixing the aquafaba and lemon juice until fluffy.

Then add the sugar and keep mixing and lastly add the cream and keep mixing until fluffy.

When it is done pour into containers and add the extras/flavours you want.

Freeze for several hours until ready to serve!

***The adjustments i would make to this recipe is 1) Use maybe 300ml cream for a more creamy texture. You can minimize the sugar amount to maybe 2,5dl or even try with a sweetener version as i felt that my blood sugar spiked to the top after just a few bites of the ice cream. And i think adding powdered peanut butter would be amazing to this recipe!!


There are other home made vegan ice cream recipes based on coconut milk or cashews or just plain simple nice cream. But this was agood alternative… but maybe not an everyday recipe or eat as it was so sweet and i don’t think anyones stomach would be happy consuming so much aquafaba!!!

If you want a recipe for coconut based ice cream THIS recipe looks simple and delicious!




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  1. carol says:

    I can`t quite make up my mind about this – on one hand I can`t help but think that whoever thought this up is quite intriguing – yet on the other it seems a bit strange!
    I`m glad you enjoyed it though 🙂


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