Questions – exercise, moderation with food, perks of living on my own

Good morning everyone 🙂 I have been rather slow at answering comments recently, so thought i would just answer a few in a post instead incase others have the same/similar questions 🙂 If you have any questions comment down below and i will try my best to reply!

I was wondering – what sort of exercises do you do to strengthen your core? How long does it take for them to take effect? Is there a web site you can recommend that could give me further information and examples of exercises? 

I have only just started “again” to focus on core workouts, otherwise i have just sort of done the same 3 core workouts the past while which is hanging leg raises, an oblique exericse with weights & crunches with weights/in the cable cross machine.

Doing core work is one of the easiest to do at home and also easy to just throw in a few core workouts in the middle or after another workout. So i am trying to do 1 focused session of core workout and then doing a few core exercises after 2 other workout sessions. My goal isn’t to get abs or visible abs, but because i have a rather weak core because i haven’t trained it… and just like with all muscles, if you want them to get stronger you have to train them. And how long it takes to see/feel effect? After just the first and second session i felt myself being stronger in the core workouts i.e could do more reps or use more weights. However it is always like that in the beginning…. you get strong quickly/see improvements and then it slows down over time as your body adapts.

I don’t use any sites for my core workouts as i already know alot of them form all the years in my gym. But has a whole bunch of exercises for different muscle groups you can look at:)



Do you follow a work out “routine” each time or do you just do what you feel most like doing on the day? How long do you work out for ?

No i don’t follow any workout routine, neither for muscle group or exercises. It depends on how i am feeling. Of course… if you want to improve alot or work towards a goal this isn’t the best form of training because 1) if i am tired i am not going to push myself as hard and 2) it is easy to just do the same exercises over and over and stay in your comfort zone. So if you are working towards a goal or want to see alot of improvement i would recommend a training program that pushes you each time and so you know what you are going to do and just do it…. But for me, i just make my plan when i go to the gym 🙂 And how long i workout depends on how much time and energy i have…. sometimes 40 minutes other times 90 minutes (though that can include core workout and stretch at the end)!

Hey! I have a question about fruit. Of some reason I always overeat it, like I can’t get enough. I just love fruit so much and don’t feel satisfied with it… For me it is like the same problems some people have with candy. I can never just eat “one fruit”, always end up eating LOTS of them. Do you have any tips on how I could get back to eating fruit in a normal way?

Just like with all foods – moderation is key. So even if fruit is a great fruit, overeating it isn’t a great idea. I had a period where i could eat 1kg apples in one sitting or eat 5 bananas at once, just because it was soo good, but wasn’t filling. And my best tip is to

  1. Look over what you are eating the rest of the day. Are you eating enough carbohydrates? Are your main meals filling you up? Are you eating a protein source and a fat source with all your meals?
  2. Are you going too long without eating which makes you very hungry?
  3. Do you have alot of sweet cravings/tired?

I would suggest maybe increase the amount of fiber rich carbs, protein and fat you eat in your main meals. Maybe you are lacking energy or carbohydrates? Also can you eat fruit with something else if it is your snack? Maybe add some peanut butter with the banana or apples… or add some nuts with the fruit, or maybe make a fruit salad and top with some yoghurt and seeds, or what about making oatmeal and topping it with fruit?

Fruit is delicious, it is sweet and gives you a quick source of energy as well as vitamins and minerals. The fructose can make you want more of it… just like other sugar rich foods, it can be hard to eat just 1 serving. But eating more in your main meals and having fruit as part of your meals or snacks and not the only thing you have as a snack might help 🙂

What are your favourite podcasts? (in english) 

I don’t actually listen to any english podcasts, so i can’t really help you there, i am sorry.

What’s the best and the worst with living on your own?

Hmmm… there are so many positives of having my own place. Just knowing that no one else is home when i get home. Not having to adapt to anyone else. Being able to make food whenever i want. Not having anxiety/worrying that there will be friends of a roommate over. Having the place cleaned 90% of the time. Listening to  music, podcasts and series without earphones. Not worrying that my 10 alarms in the morning will annoy a roommate. And so many other things!!

The worst….? Hmmm, not so much so far. The worst is maybe that the apartment is rather small so just the tiniest of mess makes the whole apartment look messy and also that even if i only use a few dishes each day (apart from when i meal prep!!), it feels like i am constantly washing the dishes. Otherwise i guess it is just my neighbours who seem to just stomp around all evening and sounds like they are constantly rearranging their furniture – i have no idea what they are doing, hahahah.

Just a few random questions i have gotten recently 🙂 Feel free to leave a question or comment if you are wondering anything or have any topic requests!!!

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  1. carol says:

    Have you met any of your neighbours yet? Are they all students too?


  2. valtsipoisid says:

    I am food intolerant of some nuts ( india, peanut) and all the beans, lentils and melons. How can I eat vegan and still get enough protein? Will the food intolerance go away if I start eating legumes slowly?
    I also have a too high bodyfat precentage(skinnyfat), what would you reccomend for a fatloss(not necessarily weight loss) diet?


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