Eating vegan on a budget: Cheap vegan snacks

Continuing on from my previous post with budget meal ideas... here are some budget snack ideas!

Of course i have to start off with the cheapest and most filling snack idea…. Oatmeal!

You can of course vary oatmeal taste i.e chocolate oatmeal, peanut butter oatmeal, carrot cake oatmeal. Add zucchinni, protein powder, berries, nuts, coconut, fruit, applesauce, jam etc to your oatmeal.

Also… you can make Overnightoats, Baked oatmeal, Oatpancakes. And the flavouring and toppings of these can vary endlessly, depending on what foods you have at home and what your budget is.

Even oatballs/oat bars are a good snack idea.

Another good snack option is scones – you can make extremely simple and cheap ones using white flour, vegan margarine (Or oil), baking powder etc, recipe HERE.

Or you can make scones using graham flour or oat flour and coconut oil… but then the price of each scone is a little higher.

Corn bread or cornflour scones are another snack option.

Chickpea omelette is also a rather cheap snack idea!

In season vegetables with dip example hummus. Or buy carrots which are usually a rather cheap vegetable and make your own hummus to dip in.

Roasted potatoes is a great and filling snack idea – and once again, hummus is great to combine with or salsa. You can also make a white bean dip, or your own salsa/tomato sauce.

Baked potato with filling (this can either be a snack or a meal… depending on what you like. I.e this can be more of a filling/bigger snack if you like to just eat 3-4 times a day and prefer bigger snacks than just fruit or oatmeal)

Chickpea cookie dough is a filling and sweet snack. And if you buy dried chickpeas and boil yourself you can make alot of different snacks and meals with chickpeas!

Roasted chickpeas.

Sandwiches – and the fillings depends on your budget. Simple white bean hummus or hummus or roast veggies and vegan mayonnaise. Or just plain vegan margarine!

Banana ice cream – if you find bananas on sale or for a cheap price then chop them up and save in the freezer to make banana ice cream. However i would suggest adding flavouring or some form of protein or fat with the banana ice cream to make it more filling and more of a complete snack. Example add some seeds or nut butter to the banana ice cream!


Tofu scramble with home made scones. As mentioned in my previous “cheap eats” post, if you buy tofu in asien stores it is often cheaper, and then tofu scramble is a great protein rich snack, and combine it with bread or scones and it will be more filling.

Quesadillas i.e wrap with filling. Typically you have cheese (Or vegan cheese) but that can often be expensive, so i would recommend adding nooch for extra cheese flavour if you have that at home.

Mug cake – simple and quick to make and you can of course vary taste!

Aquafaba mousse – a good way to use up the aquafaba from chickpeas that you use in other dishes or snacks!

Tortilla pizzas/pita pizzas – you can make these very cheap by just using tomato sauce and veggies as toppings. But if you can afford it, then adding vegan cheese or tofu makes it more filling and maybe more satisfying!

Oatmeal raisin cookies

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  1. carol says:

    How would you make oat balls/bars?


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