Roasted chickpeas recipe

If your stomach can tolerate chickpeas, then they should absolutly be a part of your diet according to me. Not only are they so versatile and you can make a bunch of different meals and snacks with, they are also super nutritious! Rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and iron! And they can even be made into a sweet or savoury dish!


Some of my favourite recipes with chickpeas is of course:

Hummus (different varieties of hummus)


Chickpea omelette

Chickpea cookie dough

Cookies made with chickpeas

And lastly…. roasted chickpeas. Not only are they a delicious snack, they are perfect to add to salad or soup for extra crunch! And you can vary the seasoning according to taste and preference!

My favourite seasoning is just plain garlic and salt, but even paprika and a pinch of chilli is delicious!



Onto the recipe:


Boiled/pre canned chickpeas, minus the aquafaba. As much as you like!

Oil c.a 1-2tbs depending on how many chickpeas you use.

Salt & seasoning

How to: 

Begin by lining a pan with baking paper. Then in a bowl add the chickpeas, c.a 1-2 tbs of oil and your seasoning of choice. Mix until all the chickpeas are coated, then pour onto the baking pan and make sure the chickpeas are spread out on the baking paper i.e not ontop of each other. You might need  2 baking pans if you are using alot of chickpeas.

Then bake in the oven at 225 degrees (with fan) for c.a 30-35 minutes or longer if necessary depending on your  oven. Turning the chickpeas over (mixing them a little) half way through so that they roast completely!

Allow to cool before eating! And can be stored in the fridge 1-2 days, however they will turn harder and more crisp the longer they are stored, so best eaten within 1-2 days!! Note** Don’t store in air tight jars, instead allow for a little air!!



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  1. carol says:

    I really like chickpeas – and its great that they`re so versatile!
    I found some chickpea “crisps” in the shop the other day – they`re sort of like “puffed up” chickpea snacks and are delicious, makes a change from the usual potato crisp 🙂


  2. carol says:

    Has any one ever tried jack fruit? I`ve just come across it and apparently you can use it as a meat substitute like you would “fake meat”.
    Interested in trying it myself and just wondered what the general opinion was?


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