Going plastic free – Realistic? Convenient? Practical?

Going plastic free would be the ideal, however we live in a society that has plastic on almost everything. Now a days there are individuall wrapped bananas in plastic or avocados in plastic. And individually wrapped tiny candies in plastic which are then in an even bigger plastic bag to contain them, and then when you buy the candy (among other things) you carry them all home in a plastic bag….

Post about that here: Pre packaged and portion sized foods


More and more stores, often organic or eco friendly stores are selling grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit etc in large containers and you can use a paper bag to fill the amount you want – and that gets weighed. Which i think is a great idea. However there is also a risk of contamination and bacteria. So i think it is better  with those machines where you just pull a lever and some falls out into the bag – instead of people being able to take with a scoop and the food is just “Out in the open” (if this makes sense.)


Ideally i would like to be as plastic free as possible… however when i think about all the plastic i use/throw away each week it is rather shocking. So i wrote a post about frozen vs fresh veggies HERE.   And the conclusion is… use the one you like best. However,frozen veggies also produce alot more plastic than fresh veggies…. which isn’t the best. And i consume quite alot of frozen veggies each week… and the plastic piles up.

However i have now begun to buy 1kg or 2,5kg frozen veggies as it is both cheaper and less plastic – so that is a tip if you have the space in your fridge and can carry it home/have it deliveried. And the same goes for grains and other dry foods… if you can buy a larger package it both saves money but also less plastic is used to package the food.

Sorry for the blurry picture!!!

Otherwise things like toothbruses…. toothpaste, cleaning items, beauty products are all plastic. I don’t buy these weekly, instead it is every 2nd or third month, but it all adds up.

I was recently watching a youtube video HERE, where a woman was going plastic free for 30 days and it was so interesting to hear her experience. What she did to eliminate plastic but also how hard it was and the times she messed up.

Thinking about all the items that have plastic – but also how it can be very time consuming, take alot of energy as well as be inconvenient to be completely plastic free.


It would be amazing to be plastic free for the sake of the environment, but i also know that it isn’t realistic. To not be able to buy anything prepackage, to barely be able to travel… what about getting gifts from friends or family, or when you are in a relationship and your partner isn’t plastic free… you would end up in a whole lot of arguements.

I am not extreme in anyway and don’t plan to be either, it is all about the small things that make a difference. Just like with a plant based diet…. even if you can’t eat/be fully vegan, atleast you can make small changes and choices and that is how i think about plastic use and waste as well.

You may not be able to be 100% plastic free… not in todays society anyway, but you can atleast try your best from your life and your available choices. We can all make small changes 🙂

What is your thought about plastic use/waste? Do you ever find it disheartening with all the plsatic everywhere?


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  1. Frida says:

    Really interesting, I wish there was one of those “bring your own container” stores near me. I try to think about the plastic when I go shopping and try to do my best, also in my “komun” we have garbage bins with separate compartments for plastic, paper, glass and such, I just hope they recycle it properly when they take it away. /Frida http://fridayfridablog.wordpress.com


  2. bingingonabudget says:

    Interesting post, I’ve been to a couple of grocery stores with the dispensers and it works great. What are some other environment friendly tips you have?


  3. Lily says:

    Yes, so much plastic is so sad… Like nowadays even at local grocers who sell fruits and vegs you get a bunc of plastic bags, so you have to ask for NOT wanting them, not the other way round. And also, in the city where I live, there are hardly any stores where you measure ot for yourself in your own bags the goods, like I know ca. 2?


  4. carol says:

    I think it is realistically down to the individual to make wise choices about their plastic usage when they can – with the options that they have available. It is really up to the big manufacturers to change the way they package their goods and to make more less plastic products available to the consumer. If it isn’t being produced in the first place, or foods packaged with excess plastics we can`t buy them.
    I don`t think it is realistic to be able to go plastic free in todays society the way things are at the moment but we can make our own small changes to the way we use plastics -ie re using bags/containers where possible, taking our own bags when shopping and just being more “plastic aware”. So many things are plastic these days and it would be impossible to avoid it completely, but we can do our best on an individual level – and hopefully if other people do the same we can make small differences.


  5. plasticfreemadeeasy says:

    Really like it. You are so right, if we could all just tried our best the world would be such a better place. It’s not about being fully plastic free but doing what we can. Great advice and hope it continues to go well.


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