Vegetarian dumplings

It’s Friday, the start of a new course (Health communication) and i have had a productive day of work/study, and i felt like i wanted to celebrate in someway. And the one food i was craving was vegan dumplings.

I considered making my own – as i don’t think it is so difficult if you buy premade dumpling dough… or you could make your own dough but that would take alot longer.

So on the way home from school i stopped by the store and bought myself some nuts and dried fruit as well as vegetarian (**vegan**) dumplings which i made for dinner. You can prepare the dumplings either by microwave, frying or cooking(steaming).

I tried two microwaved while i made the rest by frying/steaming. The steamed/fried version are alot better than just microwaved because the dough is still sort of wet and not as crispy as when they are fried.

Of course nothing beats eating dumplings from an actual asian restaurant, but these are still tasty and a quick solution if you want dumplings.


Many products might say they are vegetarian but then when you look at the ingredients you realise they are vegan. Just like with frozen puff pastry, alot of them are made with margarine and are vegan… not to mention all the biscuits and cakes which are accidently vegan! My best tip is to just check the ingredients of different foods and don’t just presume something isn’t vegan – because you never know. Of course, there are also many products which you think are vegan like certain cereals or bars or bread but then they manage to sneak in some milk powder, beeswax or egg powder into the ingredients which sucks.  But i choose to see the positives about all the accidently vegan products there are out there 🙂

Todays lazy dinner was vegan dumplings, garlic roasted haricot verts, heated edmame beans, peanuts and some sweet potato. The avocado was dry like paper so i did not eat that…. sucks when you think the avocado will be soft but then it turns out to be like cardboard.



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  1. carol says:

    What a great meal to have after a busy day 🙂 Its nice when you discover something different to eat – and even more so when its “accidently vegan”!
    Hope you enjoy your new course 🙂


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