Healthy outside starts from the inside

Ever heard the quote, “ a healthy outside starts from the inside”? I am sure you have…. and this quote is so true.

Many think that healthy is about a certain size, weight or clothes size… but you know what, that is only very little (if anything) of being healthy.

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Being healthy is also about your mindset, how you talk to yourself and your thoughts about yourself and life. It is about how you live life as well as what your diet consists of, if you are stressed, how much water you are drinking, how much sleep you are getting and of course whether you exercise or not.

A healthy lifestyle consists of mental health, social health, physical health and even emotional health, spiritual health and environmental health!

I eat alot of vegetables, drink lots of water, exercise regularly and have a rather healthy lifestyle, diet as well as mindset. But on the days i am very stressed, feeling very anxious, overwhelmed or panicked… it is almost visible in my appearance. I am not as “glowing”, my skin looks more pale, my hair is more dry (or greasy!) and it is like something is “missing” despite having a healthy diet, healthy weight, regular exercise and normal water intake.

But on the days i feel positive, feel happy, don’t feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed it is like i look and feel so much better, Like there is a glow.

I believe that mindset and your thoughts make such a difference. Even if your diet, exercise, sleep and water routines are perfect, if you are constantly stressed or anxious or have very negative thoughts or mindset, you won’t feel completely healthy. You might still feel like crap even if you eat healthy. I.e a negative mindset won’t bring you a healthy life or happy life.

But of course, a crap diet makes you feel like crap.

And eating crap can be overeating, undereating, skipping meals, only eating junk food…  From personal experience, the times i undereat or eat alot of junk food or even the days i end up overeating, i usually feel like crap. And i don’t mean feeling guilty or anxious for overeating, but just this general feeling of “not feeling ontop or like myself” as i do when i eat my regular meals and eat enough to keep me energized. Infact the times i am stressed and end up undereating, i actually don’t feel healthy at all… i feel tired, lack energy and begin to think more negative. So eating a healthy diet with enough calories is key to feeling and looking healthy.

And of course drinking enough water, having a regular exercise routine and getting enough hours sleep impacts your health. If you never exercise (or you overexercise) or you don’t sleep enough (Or sleep far too many hours) that will affect how you feel and your health.

A healthy lifestyle starts on the inside. Forget about weight or fitting into a certain clothes size, but focus on inner health.

How are your thoughts and your mindset? Are you always stressed or anxious? 

How is your sleeping routine? Do you need to destress?

What about how much water you drink.. .do you need to drink more water?

What about exercise… do you need to increase the amount of workouts you do, or maybe you actually need more rest because you are doing too much working out and are constantly stressed?

And lastly what about food…? Do you need to eat more or eat less? Maybe add more veggies and fruit into your diet? Decrease the amount of junk food you eat? Eat less salt… or in some cases, actually adding salt can be healthy (i.e if you always cook from scratch, never eat produced food and don’t add salt to your food, then that can cause an imbalance in your body.)

Focus on those things and on finding your inner health and it will show on the outside.  (Not to mention that the times i am feeling mentally very negative/low or very stressed, that is also when i get alot of spots and my skin looks alot more pale/dry.)

Less focus on cellulite, stretch marks or fat and more focus on inner HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

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  1. carol says:

    This was such an interesting post. It really made me think – keeping ourselves healthy depends on so many things. You are so right that health begins from the inside – I know that my skin and hair suffers when I am stressed or tired/not sleeping properly. And drinking enough water everyday day is so important and can make all the difference to how you feel.
    Great post – thank you 🙂


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