High protein vegan lunch recipe: Quinoa, bean and tofu mix

Mondays and back to school or work? Maybe you need a quick meal to prepare for dinner or for your lunch boxes, or maybe you just don’t have alot of time to prepare food in the evening… then this is a good go-to meal!

You can prepare a huge batch of this and eat it cold during the week in a lunch box, or just make for 1-2 portions and eat right away!

This is a quick vegan meal which is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also protein, iron and calcium!


Quinoa (however many portions you are making for)

Water – according to portion size of quinoa you are cooking

1-2 vegetable stocks

c.a 1/2-1 pack of beans

Sweet corn

Edmame beans

Pre roasted vegetables/potatoes (maybe you have some left overs… or you can just chop up some veggies and potatoes and roast in the oven. But then this meal will take a little longer.)


How to:

Begin with boiling the water with the vegetable stock, then add the quinoa and allow to cook c.a 10-15 minutes.

In the last 5 minutes of cooking add your desired veggies and/or beans and mix together.

When the quinoa is cooking, just chop the tofu into small pieces and fry in some oil and seasoning.

Then when done, add your left over (or newly roasted potatoes), mix together and serve with maybe some avocado or dressing made from flax seed oil – to get your vegan omega 3!

I love this type of meal because it is quick to make and you don’t even have to fry tofu or roast potatoes, you can just use whatever you have in your fridge and mix together with the quinoa. It is a great meal for summer as well, to make a quinoa salad to have for picnics 🙂


Also funfact – quinoa is a complete protein source (i.e has all the essential amino acids read more HERE), it is somewhat of a superfood (read about what superfoods are HERE) and is a great source of iron! And if you buy a mixed quinoa it is often cheaper than certain organic red quinoa or black quinoa packages in the stores.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    This looks really good – thanks for sharing 🙂
    I really like making cold pasta/rice salads in the summer so this version with quinoa makes a nice change!


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