Bean pasta with tofu pesto – quick 10 minute meal (vegan!)

A while ago i wrote a post about a home made pea and avocado pesto which i made – and very much enjoyed, RECIPE HERE.

This weekend i was testing some recipes and for one of the recipes i wanted pesto. I had thought about making my own, but i knew that there was a tofu vegan pesto available in the stores which i had wanted to try, and now was the perfect time to try it.


For the recipe i only needed 1 pesto jar, and i had bought 2… so that meant time to make a pesto-pasta dish.

If you have followed me you know that i am not a huge fan of pasta, and i feel like i say this each time i eat pasta… but i am starting to enjoy it more. It doesn’t really fill me up and i need alot more than 1 serving to feel full after pasta, but i have to say i am starting to like it – even if just a bowl of pasta doesn’t fill me up or satisfy me.


Also this pesto was amazing! And i am so glad that – finally – there is a vegan pesto on the market. I prefer to make my own, but pasta-pesto is actually a quick dish to make for friends or family or even a date. (Fun fact, i was on a date and the guy wanted to make pesto pasta for dinner, and trying to find vegan pesto was not easy so ended up just eating pasta with tomato sauce, hahahah. But now times have changed!)

This meal really doesn’t require a recipe, because all i did was boil some bean pasta, mix in the pesto and add half of a half avocado and some previously fried tofu as well as basil, kale and some vegan cheese. Simple as that, and another 10 minute meal!

The aim of this post was basically to say that this store bought pesto was amazing and i am glad that it exists!


Would like to say this post is sponsored, but unfortunatly not. Maybe one day companies will sponsor me and want me to write about their new vegan products, but for now i will just do it for free, because i think raising awareness of these vegan products is a great way to get more people interested in trying vegan products and seeing how many alternatives there are!

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  1. carol says:

    I didn’t know vegan pesto even existed, so this was a great find! I will keep a look out for in the shops now I know they do make a vegan version.
    I don`t eat pasta very often but when I do I like making a pasta salad – you can add a lot of different veggies to it and some cheese which makes it quite filling. When I make pasta for my partner he quite often has it with just tomato ketchup and cheese – very quick and easy :
    Your recipe for pea and avocado pesto looks really good, I will have to try it. Do you prefer shop brought or homemade pesto the best?


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