Cauliflower pizza recipe (Vegan, GF and lowcarb)

When you buy 2,5kg of frozen cauliflower, you need to find differents ways to prepare and eat the cauliflower. Granted, i could just eat all of it roasted with some seasoning and oil… but for the sake of variety, not only for myself but also as i run a food blog, i decided to switch things up and make a cauliflower pizza.


In the past i used to eat cauliflower pizza alot more often! I have also mostly made the crust using fresh cauliflower, and i have to say it works alot better with fresh cauliflower as the frozen ones have alot more water and aren’t as “firm” as the fresh ones… so the base comes out a little more soggy than if you are using fresh cauliflower.

Nonetheless it was delicious, and despite it taking c.a 40 minutes to prepare, i ate the whole pizza in less than 10 minutes. So the food prep and cook ratio to eating time isn’t really worth it, hahah.

Also do i recommend you switching normal pizza base for cauliflower crust… no i don’t, unless you are eating low carb or need to really cut calories but want pizza. But let’s be honest… if you want pizza, just eat a normal pizza. But if you want to eat pizza every night, then maybe switching for a cauliflower crust once or twice might be a good idea just to switch things up!!!


1 head of cauliflower (or i used a bowl of frozen cauliflower – no idea how many grams)

c.a 1,5tbs flaxseed/crushedflaxseeds/chia seeds & c.a 4tbs water (mix to make a “Vegan egg”)

1-2tbs cornflour

Flour – optional to make it stick together a little more

Salt & seasoning

Tomato sauce

Violife cheese (first time i have tried this cheese and it melts alot better than previous cheeses i have tried. However i am not a huge fan of melted cheese so almost didn’t like it because it melted so much… i.e vegans who miss cheese will most likely enjoy this brand of cheese!)

Toppings example: Tofu, vegetables, sweet corn etc i used Anammas “pulled” vego

How to: 

Begin by chopping and/or grating fresh cauliflower and then boiling it until it softens. Or heating frozen cauliflower until it is soft.

While the cauliflower is cooking prepare your vegan egg and set aside.

Preheat oven to c.a 190-200degrees celsius, and line a baking pan with parchment paper.

When the cauliflower is soft, pour it into example a clean dish towel and try to press out as much water as possible. Keep pressing out as much as you can (this is an important step! If you don’t have a cloth, just use your hands.) Note: Rinse/wash the cloth once it is used so that it doesn’t smell of cauliflower!

When that is done combine the cauliflower which should be a sort of mash in a big bowl along with seasoning, cornstarch and the flax egg. Mix together to form a sort of dough – add more cornstarch or flour if necessary.

Once the mix begins to hold together place onto the parchment paper and spread out into the shape of your pizza crust – the base should be thin so that it cooks all the way through.

Begin by baking the crust in the oven c.a 20-30 minutes before taking it out and adding the tomato sauce tomato sauce, vegan cheese and toppings and baking for another 20-25 minutes.

The base should be golden brown when done. Allow the pizza to cool a little before you eat it – otherwise there is risk that the pizza crust may fall apart!

Note… if you don’t press out all the water from the cauliflower there is risk that the crust won’t hold together so well. Also i recommend you use fresh cauliflower instead of frozen for this recipe 🙂



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  1. carol says:

    I`ve been longing to know how you make your cauliflower crust so thank you so much for sharing this recipe 🙂


  2. M says:

    Great post and recipe. I have been thinking about this for a while – when you bake or test recipes what do you do with the left overs? Like when you baked the brownies do you eat them all or give them away or what do you do? Sorry if it’s a weird question I’ve just been thinking about this for a while.


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