New month – Goals? Stress? Life? & new ice cream flavour

Already the third day of the new month, and i meant to share a post with my May goals on the 1st of the month.

However, i don’t really have any new or different goals than usual so there isn’t much to share anyway.  Or well, i have ALOT of goals and dreams right now, but i am choosing to keep them all private until i feel like i can or want to share them. For now i guess i will just silently work on them and see what happens.

It is now May, almost half way through the year and it feels like these past 4 months have just flown by.  It feels like just last week it was minus degrees and January, but suddenly i am studying my last course for the term (the course is health communication). Crazy that this time next year i will have done my internship and be writing my final essay for my candidate degree. I have thought of certain topics i want to write about, maybe something with veganism and nutrition, and have some other thoughts but i will do more thinking about that in the summer and autumn!

At the moment i feel like i have 101 things i need to do each day. So many dates and deadlines to keep track of. Things to plan and get done, and like most students by May you are feeling tired and unmotivated towards school work and just want summer break to roll around. I am definitely tired of studying right now… or mostly, i am tired of writing essays. I enjoy reading my litterature and going to lectures, and i enjoy learning.. i just don’t enjoy the long hours of essay writing and assignments. But i guess you need to take the good with the bad when you are studying at university!

My current mood is tiredness. Feeling motivated but also very tired. My sleeping problems are back in full swing, feeling very stressed and anxious and just trying to motivate myself through each day – finding the positives of each day.

Cooking, baking, listening to podcasts, going for walks… trying a new ice cream are all some things that i do when i feel stressed and overwhelmed.

But also writing to-do lists…. so many to-do lists. Even writing things like “Need to wash my hair”, “laundry at 5pm”, “shave my legs” are on my to-do list. Just like i wrote in my previous post HERE… when i am stressed and anxious, i can become very forgetful, and if i don’t write it in on my todo list then i forget/won’t do it. So i have to-do lists for the day, the week and the month.

For some, that might stress them out but for me it is just helpful. It makes me see clearly what is most important to do and what is not so important. I.e the assignment in 2 weeks time isn’t important to begin now – it can wait, whereas the assignment due on Friday needs to be done now. It is a huge help and destressor for me to check things off my list and realise i have been productive even if it doesn’t always feel like it!

For now, i am taking each day as it comes, trying to do my best and not get overwhelmed even if it feels like i have so many things to do at once. But that’s life, and once school is done for the term it will be mostly work to focus on!

I hope you are all doing good!! What are some of your May goals? 🙂

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  1. anonymous says:

    Are you still working out as often at the gym? do you have any workout goals?


  2. carol says:

    I`m looking forward to summer too – it feels as though it has been very long winter this year and I long for the brighter, warmer days!
    Sorry to read you are struggling with anxiety and sleep – is there a herbal remedy you could take that could help you? I always think that if you are at least sleeping well you are better able to cope with the stresses of the day, otherwise one tends to fuel the other and you end up in a vicious circle. I hope you manage to get through these last few weeks of term ok and will then be able to have a proper break for the summer 🙂
    As for any goals I have for May – well it feels for me that my life has been put on “hold” at the moment because I`m waiting for hospital appointments to come through and also for a date for an operation that I have to have – so dealing with health issues at the moment. Its hard to see beyond those right now so just taking each day as it comes and making the best of my “good days” (if that makes sense). When all this is over I want/need to go somewhere nice for a holiday – the thought of that keeps me going 🙂
    The new ice cream flavour you have found sounds delicious! Did you like it? I saw recently that Ben and Jerry`s have also brought out a new flavour – “Birthday cake”, have you ever tried this one?
    I hope you have a good (relaxing) weekend!


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