Life update

Hello and happy Friday everyone 🙂

I hope you have all had a great week! The past few days have just flown by for me and i have barely had any time to be infront of the computer. Which is infact very stressful when i need to both study and want to try to update my blog.

How has my past week been? Well the sun has began to shine and it is feeling alot like summer… which i love, but it also gives me some anxiety – which i plan to write more in a post this weekend. I have tried to be in the sun as much as i can inbetween work, lectures, studying and going to go to the gym.


Also have had a picnic in the park with my friends and we tried to plan summer activities we can do together. However as we all have jobs and our schedules are different, not sure how it will go…. last year we barely got to meet at all because our schedules were so different.


Work has begun and i have very mixed feelings towards it. I have always loved working and love working hard, but this year i just have lots of anxiety towards working. There is no energy or motivation to work… just wanting to pay my bills, but i feel this huge ball of anxiety and “i don’t want to, i don’t want to” repeating in my head before i begin working. Once i am there it is fine… well, somedays chaotic – but that’s how it is when you work in the service branch. But i am hoping this is the last summer i work in food stores because at the moment i am very tired of it and it is giving me so much anxiety…. and the anxiety is affecting my sleep which then means i am very tired and the anxiety just feels worse the next day.  I am most likely just feeling this way because i am trying to find time for everything in my life – when it feels like i really don’t have the time. But once school is done, in 3 weeks time then it is just work to focus on and then 1 year left of studies. 


I do love my life and feeling positive, happy and grateful. But i guess i am just a little more tired mentally than i thought i was and it is beginning to show itself now. So trying to take care of myself and give myself mental rest as much as possible as well as not stress over things i can’t control.

So there you have a little life update and the reason why this blog might be a little empty somedays… but i am going to try my best to schedule posts and have regular/daily posts 🙂



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  1. Lily says:

    It’s always nice to hear from you, but don’t feel like you’re obligated to always write something, it is more important to focus on your wellbeing:)


  2. B says:

    No take a chill pill! 🙂 Just update when you have the time and if the work is too overwhelming, try to find a new one. You seem very talented so I don’t think it would be a problem for you to find something else. I used to have the same feeling about my old work and I was thinking it was normal but actually it is not. Youre not suppose to have anxiety about going to your work on a daily basis. Even if most of us have to have jobs we don’t like so much during sometimes in life, there is still better and worse of these and our feelings about them can also change. The work I used to have, I loved the first months and therefore it took some time for me to realize I had “grown out” of it. It was not stimulating at all anymore in the end. The work I have now, I also do only for money while i’m studying and it is not fun either but actually it does not make me feel anxious as my last one, mostly because it does not take as much energy and the demands are better. Maybe the workcirqumstances you are working under right now, are not suiting you? That was the case for me, I realized. I wish you good luck anyway!

    I had a question. I’m neither a vegan or vegetarian but I eat mostly plantbased anyway. Honestly for me the mainreason is that I find it more easy and cheap. The thing is, I fantasies a lot about meat. I have this craving for it always. Not fish, chicken or eggs, specially meat. Which is wierd because I have not eaten that much meat ever actually. I was thinking I could have a lack of something. Do you know what is usally the lack if you are craving meat and what I could eat instead in that case?

    Thanks for a great blog!


  3. livenotsurvivesite says:

    Hey I have a different question. I really want to travel to sweden this summer, but I have no idea where exactly I should go. What city is the best to visit as a tourist and what should I do there? Is there anything I have to see? And you really don’t have to post on a daily basis if you don’t have the time or motivation. Life is more than social media and you shouldn’t feel like you have to post something if you don’t feel like it. Just post if you have the time and you really want to:)


    1. Thank you 🙂 Don’t worry i love blogging and want to post as often as i can, but i don’t pressure myself to post.
      Hmmm… i really don’t know Sweden so well. But Stockholm is a good place to visist and then do things like walk through the old town, go to Gröna lund (a theme park), visit the photography museum, maybe teh ABBA museum. Maybe take the boat to the archipelagos/islands….. just some ideas 🙂 And there are plenty of good places to eat vegan and vegetarian in Stockholm. Otherwise Gothenburg is also a lovely city – a lot smaller, but it is a calmer city… maybe not as much to do though, haha.


      1. livenotsurvivesite says:

        Great ideas! I really have to do some more research, but I am really looking forward to my trip. Thank you very much for replying😄


  4. carol says:

    Sorry to read you are suffering from anxiety – that is not a nice feeling to have to live with and I can quite understand how it is affecting your life. If your job is the cause of your anxiety you need to take a step back and ask yourself “is it really worth it?” I know you need to work to be able to pay your bills this summer break, but in the weeks until your term at uni actually ends, could you look around for a different, less stressful employment to see you through the summer? There is no point in making yourself unhappy and stressed as this will just blight your whole summer – and work shouldn’t make you feel so bad about having to go each time. At the end of the day, your health and well-being is the most important thing here and you can`t carry on in a situation that is making you so stressed with anxiety that you become ill.
    I really hope things settle down for you soon and you start to feel better. Take care, rest when you can and be kind to yourself xxxx


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