Summer anxiety

Summer is usually a time of “carpe diem” and living life – no stress. 

And for some, summer is a time of anxiety and stress because of body image – not enjoying the warm weather or having to show off skin.

I feel a bit of both for summertime (though not about the body image problems, luckily i no longer struggle with body image or feeling bad about my body image/comparing, or wearing summer clothes.)

For me… summer is my favourite month. I love the sunshine, i love being out in nature, i love going for long walks outside, lying in the sun, having picnics, wearing shorts and tank tops. I love summer. But it also contributes to alot of anxiety for me.

I personally feel this pressure that once the sun is shining, i have to be outside enjoying it… almost feel guilty if i am inside watching netflix and the sun is shining outside. I am pretty sure other people who live in colder climates can relate to this… when you have almost a 6-7 month winter/cold season, it feels strange to be inside watching series when the sun is finally shining.

So, i want to be outside as much as possible, but i also want to work as much as possible. 1) Because i do enjoy working alot, 2) I don’t think i could manage having a completely free summer if i wasn’t going to travel or have some type of work. I would get too restless to just have nothing planned and everyone else was working, and 3) i want to earn alot of money.

So i want to be in the sun as much as possible but also work as much as possible – doesn’t really go together unless you get a job that you can be outside for (which i don’t have… but maybe i should have applied for, haha).

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But then there is also the pressure to be doing lots of things…. to meet friends, have picnics, have barbeques, travel, party, go out and dance and drink… life life. This pressure to do things and have an amazing summer. But the truth is, for the past 2 summers i have just worked and barely met friends – spent alot of time on my own, and this summer will most likely be the same.

And well , i can’t help but compare myself to others…. to people who travel, who spontaneously do things, who always meet friends and do things together. Sure me and my friends have tried to plan activities this summer, but i know that it is easier said than done when some work mornings, some work evenings, some have 1 day free and others have 4 days free.

I personally feel like i should be doing things… living life in summer. But if you don’t work you don’t have money to do things… so first you work, then you do things (or well, that’s my life anyway).

Summer is alot less stressful than during winter and spring when i have school. But there is still anxiety in summer… but it is not the same type of anxiety as in winter/autumn/spring.

In the colder months it is a sort of heavy anxiety, more negative and tired. While in summer it is more of a lighter anxiety and pressure to be doing things, having a great summer and just more of a general life/comparing anxiety compared to in winter when it is stress combined with anxiety.

However… my anxiety goes in phases… i don’t always have anxiety. Sometimes it is worse and sometimes i don’t have it at all. At the moment i constantly feel anxious – but not the heavy/depressed/overstressed anxiety, just an overthinking sort of anxiety and worry.

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So why am i writing this post…. well because others might feel the same or be in the same situation. As mentioned, many can dislike summer because it is either too warm or because of body image problems… but i love summer, i just feel very anxious at the same time, and i wanted tos hare my thoughts and feelings.

It is hard to explain all my thoughts and feelings, and topics like this are much better suited in video format according to me because then you can see me explain and see my body language and such, but for now it will have to do with text format.

If you feel the same way about summer – let me know, or share your thoughts. Maybe we can give each other advice and tips or just help others feel not as alone!!


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  1. Yaya says:

    I dont have summer anxiety, Because I just try to Enjoy the summer as much as I can. I dont compare My life to someone on social media because that world is not real. Instead I spend time with friends and appreciate What I have in My own life. My best tip for you? Dont take life and obligations too seriously!! 🙂 things will work out anyway, so try to relax more and do things in life that is not connected to work/money/achievments/pressure. Spending time with friends works magic for me and keeps me sane during stressful periods Because I understand Whats Really important in life. Its not money and work, its relationships. At least for me 🙂 I Hope you will find your balance soon, maybe take a break from social media for a while and just focus om your ”real” life or what to call it 🙂 you will find beautiful things in life and summer I am sure. All the best to you.


  2. Lily says:

    I can relate to this very much. I always had some kind of anxiety concerning summer(either before, or during summer). When I was younger, I always travelled to my grandparents’ place with my siblings, and I was always bored to death, so I didn’t enjoy that, and later, when we were old enough to stay at home I didn’t really have friends, the family was not in the situation to go for long holidays, so I had a lot of anxiety because I felt lonely and empty. Luckily this summer I know I’ll have a lot to do, and on the free days I can count on a couple of friends maybe:)


  3. Soraya. says:

    Izzy, thank you for this post because it is truly human. Your anxiety is very valid, it shows that you’re striving to make the best out of life. I know you went to be gentle and compassionate with yourself and truly enjoy summer but at the same time, reality bombards you with things to do in order to achieve your goals. My opinion is to actually take it slow since the summer is the time which you should enjoy, because just imagine yourself in October with all the cold again.. you’ll feel guilty that you didn’t enjoy your summer much. So yes, you could work during the week and have the evenings for yourself in which you could have a walk, spend time with friends and so on. You can put leisure activities on your own to do list during the day to actually tempt you to slow down and have fun. Balance it out, spend time with family and take days off work just to enjoy an experience you wouldn’t be able to repeat. I struggle with the same thing but for some reason, I learned to put my wellness first and took my guilt critically. I’m always guilty for not being happy while working or studying, so I make sure I do everything while being completely believing it is worthwhile. I’m sure you’ll be doing a great job this summer. Make yourself some amazing, adventurous plans.. why don’t you perhaps visit mountains nearby and go for hikes during weekends?

    I think if you set an intention to learn through every experience whether it’s work or leisure, you won’t have that guilt on both sides. Money is important, but I think you’re given the opportunity to have summer vacations for a reason, when you grow up, you won’t have them. Everything has its time. 🙂

    I love reading about your anxiety because it’s so relatable and im sure it helps you get rid of some of the negative emotions. Thank you. 😀


  4. carol says:

    I think that in reality its just about creating a balance in your own life, making time to do things with family and friends but also having time to do your own thing, whether that’s going out for walks in the sunshine or doing things inside at home. There are more opportunities to do things in the summer because of the nicer weather and this gives me a sense of freedom, which is nice. I totally get the feeling of pressure of having to be doing something just because the sun is shining, but in reality its not always possible – there are still commitments to take care of, things you have to do regardless – its not all about having fun and being spontaneous.
    For me, finding that balance is key and that’s really how I live my summers 🙂


    1. So so true! Finding balance in needing to work and do the important stuff, but also finding time to be with friends and rest and relax 🙂


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