Vegan summer lunch/dinner ideas!


Summer time often means lighter meals for me. Less lentil soups or warm dishes and more cold dishes with lots of crispy salad, crunchy cocktail tomatoes and cold fruit!

So i thought i would give some tips of perfect vegan lunch/dinner ideas during summer!

Also a good tip if you lose your appetite during summer, is to try add some extra healthy fats into your diet such as nuts, seeds, oil, avocado or add sauce like pesto, home made creamy salad dressing etc so that you still get enough calories into you 🙂 Or just try to eat bigger meals in the evening if you have the time! Other options are to snack on nuts, seeds and dried fruit or make smoothies with nut butter, oats, oat milk, banana and if you have vegan protein powder available that can add flavour and protein to the smoothie!! Or make nice cream with extra nut butter and granola on top!!

Lunch/dinner ideas from top to bottom, left to right!
1) Pad thai – Ok, this is a warm dish, but it works great to eat cold. So you can make a big batch and then just keep in the fridge and eat cold, and with extra peanuts it adds some extra crunch. (Also, the left over rice noodles you can add to summer rolls!)

2) Pesto pasta – Once again, it is actually a warm dish but works great to eat cold. All types of pasta salad are great as a picnic food or a food i like eating in summer. It’s cold but still filling and you can add tomatoes, sweet corn or nuts for extra crunch, or add some crispy salad!

3) Lentil salad with beans, cucumber and sweet corn. Green or black lentils (Or quinoa)are a great base to a salad as they add both texture and protein as well as make your salad more filling. A favourite combo of mine is to boil green lentils and then add beans, sweet corn, fried tofu and some roasted potatoes and mix together. It’s quick to prepare and you can make a huge batch of it, and pack along for picnics or eat as a cold lunch/dinner!

4) Summer rolls (or vietnamese rolls). Basically rice paper which you fill with your favourite fillings such as rice noodles, cucumber, avocado and tofu. They can be a little tricky to roll in the beginning but you get the hang of it pretty quickly – and the more often you make them, the less time it takes to prepare and make!! Combine them with a spicy peanut butter sauce and you have a perfect filling meal. This is one of my absolute favourite summer meals!

5) Sandwiches/filled baguettes: Baguettes remind me of summer and childhood as i used to always eat them for lunch and especielly in summer. However i don’t eat sandwiches so often for main meals (they are more of a quick snack), but they are a great option if you are on the go or need to pack a quick meal. Example of filling: Tofu, avocado and sweet potato. Or hummus, tofu and veggies. Or some vegan tofu mix or ch*cken curry mix, or just plan vegan cheese and butter!

6) Poke bowls. Poke bowls originate from Hawaii (Hawaiian cuisine) i think, and usually have rice and seafood/fish. But pokebowls are similar to buddha bowls basically… just throw together some of your favourite foods and mix together. Such as tofu, mango, avocado, pickled onion, hummus, nuts and some dressing. I would also recommend adding rice to this combo to make it more filling 🙂

7) Salad!! Salad is a must in summer, however when i say salad i don’t think of just lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber… i want my salads filled with different ingredients such as avocado, roasted potatoes, beans and sweet corn, some form of tofu/soya product, nuts or seeds and the list goes on. So make a filling salad – start off with a base of salad leaves, then add some veggies such as tomatoes, cucumber, sweet corn and then add a carb source such as pasta/potatoes/rice/beans, and then some protein such as tofu, tempeh, soja and lastly a fat source such as nuts, seeds, avocado or a dressing!  This is usually my go to summer meal – or i just eat lots of roasted veggies, but i eat them cold instead of warm as i do in winter!

What are some of YOUR favourite meals in summer/when it is warm outside? 🙂

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  1. carol says:

    There are a lot of great ideas here – thank you for posting them 🙂
    I find I lose my appetite somewhat when its hot so I tend to have a lot of salads / lighter meals when the weather is warm. My favourite is a pitta bread stuffed full of salad. I also love new potatoes , boiled in their skins with salad cream to dip 🙂
    And of course ice cream – you can`t go wrong with a bowl of ice cream with granola sprinkled on top 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! And that sounds like a delicious meal idea!!! New potatoes are one of my favourite potato types as well!!


  2. This vegan meals looks so good. Thanks so much for sharing 💕 How long have you been a vegan? Hugs


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