BBQ tofu burger and home made croutons! | Collaboration with MAX

Monday – and i am coming at you with a new recipe, infact… i have 3 recipes coming your way in the next week!

Last year i did a collaboration with MAX hamburger to create a recipe with their new HOT frisco bread, which resulted in me actually making 2 recipes – you can find the recipes HERE & HERE.

And a few weeks ago i was contacted and asked if i wanted to create recipes with some of their products which can be bought in normal food stores. The products MAX sells in stores is chicken burgers, chicken nuggets, halloumi burgers and burger dressings… but they also have burger buns and toast which is vegan. So i let them know that i could of course create a recipe using their bread, as it is vegan – and i do infact buy and eat their bread.


You may be thinking… how can you collaborate with a brand that isn’t fully vegan? But my thoughts are that 1) i actually eat MAX bread and their burger buns when i am eating burgers, 2) i have eaten at MAX a few times and they have great vegan options, 3) they are expanding their vegan options and 4) if i can create recipes with their products and get them published on their site, then more people might want to try the recipes and try a vegan option! 


The collaboration was to create 2 recipes, however i created 3 recipes (as one turned out only half ok… and i think it would work better with another bread form – so i will share that recipe later!). And first up is:

BBQ tofu with bread crusting and a salad with croutons using burger buns. So this recipe is in the theme of “not wasting food”…. i.e, have some left over bread and don’t know what to do with them? Either cut them up and make croutons, or why not make your own bread crumbs from the bread? And i can say…. making croutons with some oil and seasoning from MAX hamburger buns is ALOT tastier than store bought croutons! And home made bread crumbs works just as well as store bought bread crumbs!






Pickled onions *
BBQ sauce * (Recipe coming soon)
1 pack of MAX hamburger bread
6-7 pieces frisco toast (* It can be good to leave out of the package for 12-24 hours)
250g tofu
45-50 ml oil
Flour c.a 1dl
Spices according to preferences, ex. garlic and salt
Salad – ex lettuce, tomato, corn, cucumber
Burger topping – ex avocado, dressing

1) Press the tofu by removing it from the plastic package, and then place it on a place and place something heavy ontop (ex a pot with water) and leave for about 10-30 + minutes.
2) Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

3) Start  making the croutons and homemade breadcrumbs. Start by cutting 2-3 burger buns and 6-7 frisco hotmelt bread pieces into small pieces (the size you want as a crouton). Then take half of the pieces of bread – or as many croutons as you want – and place in bowl. Add some oil and spices and mix well. Then place on a baking sheet and spread out so that the bits don’t touch each other.
4) Pour the remaining pieces of bread onto the baking pan (or a separate pan), push them down a little to flatten them. Sprinkle some spices if you want the breadcrumbs to taste.
5) Bake in the oven and for c.a 15 minutes for your croutons.
6) After 15 minutes, remove your croutons and pour into a bowl and leave the remaining pieces of bread in the oven for about 10-30 minutes until crispy (make sure to rotate the pieces so they are completely roasted).
7) When the bread pieces are roasted remove them and leave for a while until they are cold and then place them into a food processor and mix until they have turned into crumbs.
* Recipe for pickled onion and BBQ sauce *

BBQ Tofu recipe:
1) Start by pouring some flour into a bowl, premade (Or storebought) breadcrumbs in another bowl (can be a good idea to only pour half of the breadcrumbs you have available – and add more when you need) and your BBQ sauce in another bowl (* either homemade or storebought BBQ sauce).
2) Heat the oven to 200 degrees and place a baking sheet on a pan.
3) Cut the tofu (that has been pressed of water) into about 2cm thick pieces. Start by first covering the tofu pieces in some flour. Shake off the excess.  Then cover in BBQ sauce and lastly in breadcrumbs – press the bread crumbs into the tofu so that they stick. .Then place on the baking sheet. Repeat until all the two pieces are ready.
4) Bake for about 25-30 minutes, and turn the tofu pieces after half the time.
5) ** Or you can fry the pieces in plenty of oil if you do not want / can’t bake them in the oven.

Finally, heat MAX burger buns in the oven for about 3-5 minutes until golden brown and then it’s time to assemble the burger and make your salad (don’t forget your croutons!)

**Note, recipes written in swedish and translated – so i apologize if there are some mistakes, hahah**

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  1. carol says:

    These burgers look great – I`m sure people would try them if MAX uses your recipes –
    When will you know if they publish your recipe ideas?


    1. Thank you 🙂 I think they will choose one of the recipes i have shared and post on their site 🙂 Not sure when …. this week or next week maybe!


  2. Thank so much. This looks so good 😍 Yammy. By the way, are you Swedish? 🙂 I am Norwegian


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