Summer days & thoughts about body image

Life always feels so much easier when it is summer.

There may still be some stress and anxiety, but not as much as during the school term when i have 100 things to juggle at the same time.

I took two days – Sunday and Monday to just try to plan and structure my life and get some control over things again. I was trying to do too many things at once and it just didn’t go well…  i need control in my life. I need to feel like i am in control over things that happen in life, feel in control over my situation and choices. And when i have too many things up in the air, too many things which are unclear, uncertain and too many things scheduled and planned it just gets too much for me.

So on Sunday i took a day to just clean my apartment, do my laundry, meal prep, study, blog and structure my life. Feeling in control over my life and life situation again, and then Monday was spent planning a group assignment and then doing the rest of my studying outside in the sun. I am taking every chance i can to be out in the sun, because it makes me feel so good but also i never really know how much sun i will get each day!!

I wanted to do a life update/personal post, but i really don’t have much to share. Maybe i will just start with a weekly picture-post. Instead of a bunch of text, just some photos from my week 🙂 I know alot of you want personal posts and life posts, so with picture posts i can share more “Behind the scenes” and more about my life (and photos i don’t share on my IG story) without having to get too personal! 🙂 Comment if you would be interested in that 🙂

And some final thoughts. I know that many struggle with body image in summer – i used to be one of them- But remember you DON’T have to lose weight or lose fat. It won’t make you happier or more confident. Stretch marks, cellulite, scars… they are all normal. You can wear shorts, you can wear tank tops, you can wear a bikini no matter your shape or size. No matter if you think you are too big or too small, you can wear whatever you want to wear.

And when it comes to body image and body dysmorphia – the problem is inside your head. No matter how much you gain weight, lose weight, gain muscle, bulk and deff etc unless you work on your mindset and relationship with your body and thoughts, you won’t feel happy. There will always be something you want to change. It takes time and is a process to learn to love your body and be ok with your body, but i can promise you that it is so worth it when you learn to love and appreciate your body. When you don’t feel bad about bloating, don’t feel bad about the way you look, you don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about your body or feel the need to change it. And all of that happens when you begin to work on your thoughts and change your thoughts.

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  1. Veera says:

    Nice post! I would be interested in picture posts of your life 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment and replying 🙂 I think i will do a weekly post with some pictures from my life and some behind the scenes!


  2. carol says:

    I like to have some kind of “order” to my life too – it can be quite unsettling if at times you don`t have that. They say we are “creatures of habit” – I think theres definitely truth in that! I`m glad you are feeling more settled now 🙂
    Good idea about doing a picture post – I love seeing your photos of all the beautiful scenery you have around you 🙂


    1. Exactly, i definitely think we are creatures of habit… some want more habit/structure and others want less. But finding what works for you is the best!! And thank you 🙂


  3. Sophie says:

    Yessss! Im only here for “behind the scenes”, as I’m not really a fan of the “fake” instagram society hehe :’D


    1. Hahah yeah, instagram isn’t the most “real” social media platform. 1-2 pictures really doesn’t show alot of a person or a persons life 🙂 I’ll try do aweekly post with some more pictures from my life!


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