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Going vegan can be a huge step and a huge change in lifestyle for many, and for others they have been making change over time so the step from a vegetarian/mostly vegan lifestyle to completely vegan life style isn’t a huge one. But whatever stage you are in… here are some tips that might help you!

Also, every now and then – even if you are vegan it can be a good idea to watch videos, documentaries or stay up to date with information and facts just to remind yourself why you are vegan.

First off, i have a page HERE (scrolldown) with lots of vegan posts and information which can be a starting point. And i have a masterpost HERE which you might want to begin with!

Second, i have a vegan nutrition ebook HERE where you can learn all the facts and information about eating a healthy diet while vegan. All about protein, calcium, iron, b12, omega 3 and 6 etc as well as some recipes, grocery list, essential food items etc

I have some more vegan posts HERE (guide to going vegan )

First step to going – and staying vegan – is to get educated. Learn about the meat and dairy industry, you can do that by watching documentaries: vegan documentaries (&EarthlingsForks over knivesVegucatedFood incCowspiracy and more.)

Read more about different things such as the meat industry, the egg industry, the dairy industry. Why honey isn’t vegan, about animal testing, about leather and fur. Read about why organic dairy or free range eggs still isn’t “Ok” or ethical.

Some posts to begin with: How meat hurts the planetTruth behind dairyDairy industry in 60 secondsThe egg industries tiniest victimsGreatest speech you will ever hearWhy go vegan?Beef Production is Killing the Amazon RainforestAddiction to cheese10 Dairy Facts the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Sites such as Vegan society have lots of information which you can begin reading to get educated. Also Peta is a good source of information. VegNews shares alot of new information when it comes to veganism and companies/brands releasing vegan products or celebraties/companies going vegan.

Begin to google and find alternatives to your favourite recipes and foods. There are countless of vegan food blogs and youtube accounts as well as vegan books to get inspiration. I also have a bunch of simple vegan recipes on my blog HERE  or search my blog!

Begin to find alternatives to your cosmetic products, household products as well as learn about vegan clothing and shoes and bags. (Shoes and bags can often have leather, and some clothes have a leather tag which sucks as the item would be fine otherwise).

Join facebook pages and groups that can help you with questions, or help you to find vegans in your area or to help you find vegan products!


When you are educated and know the truth about the meat and dairy industry but even are knowledgable about things such as leather, fur, animal testing etc it is easier to know why you should go vegan. But even to argue/debate with others as you will have facts and knowledge if people question your choices.

And by watching documentaries or videos it is easier to see the truth and make the connection. Sometimes it isn’t enough to just read, as it can seem fake or too abstract… but when you see the actual cruelty it is easier to make the connection and to realise that meat is actually dead animals and not just food. Also those images can stay in your mind and help you stay vegan as you are reminded of the videos/scenes if you begin to doubt your choices.

Finding people who are also vegan or can understand your choice can help support you and make it easier to stay vegan. I.e if everyone around you is eating meat and dairy or doesn’t respect your choices, then it is easy to just think “i don’t care…. nobody else cares, so why should I”. However, if you are strong in your beliefs and connections then you won’t care what others are doing because you will know that going vegan is the right choice.


As mentioned, going vegan can be a huge lifestyle change if you are eating meat and dairy several times a day. So my best tip is to begin making changes slowly…. find alternatives, have vegan days and meat free days. Try new recipes and at the same time begin getting informed… DARE TO WATCH documentaries.I know many people don’t want to because they know it will be “too much for them”, but that is the point… the point is to show you the truth. Sometimes you have to do what scares you. However, if it will give you nightmares or very terrible anxiety, then just begin getting informed and trying to make a connection.

I read a post that said, “if you wouldn’t want it to happen to your pet, then why are you ok with it happening to other animals”.

And that is something i think more people should think about. Isn’t it strange to be eating a dead animal while cuddling your pet? Why does your cat or dog or hamster or bunny have more worth than pigs, cows, hens, fish…? Why does one life matter more than the other? And the reason is that people haven’t made the connection… if you were to raise a pig or a cow and see it grow up and take care of it, the chances of you sending to a slaughterhouse to become dinner or lunch is very little.

All animals want to live, and there is no humane or ethical way to kill an animal that wants to live. And as the animals can’t speak for themselves – the vegans have to raise their voice to speak for them. 

Get informed, get educated and make the changes that are possible for you. I understand not everyone can or will go vegan, but everyone can still make choices and changes no matter how big or small! each time you decide to eat vegan is a step forward, even if it is just once a week or once a month, it still matters!

Below are some more videos & articles you can read/watch:

  1. Meet your meat.
  2. The dairy industry in 60 seconds.
  3. Dark side to dairy
  4. The egg industries tiniest victims
  5. Earthlings (movie)
  6. The greatest speech you will ever hear. (this was the push I needed to go vegan, btw.)
  7. Vegucated. (movie)
  8. Forks over knives (movie)
  9. Cowspiracy
  10. Debunking the milk myth
  11. 57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan
  12. 5 Ways Being Vegan Saves The Planet

Truth behind dairy

Truth behind eggs/chicken

Truth behind beef

Truth behind pork

Truth behind animal testing

Truth behind fur for fashion

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    This is a great post – lots of useful information – thank you so much for putting it all together 🙂


    1. I am glad you liked the post!! 🙂


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