Jealousy and being happy for others success?

When others are successful, or when things are going good for others… what is your first reaction? Happy for the other persons sake? Jealousy? Bitterness?…

Recently i have begun thinking about… how others – and myself – react when people around me (or around you) succeed. 

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When you see things are going good for someone else, or when someone is being successful or even if you see people (online or real life) getting things that you want it can be easy to feel jealous, bitter or resentful…. thinking, “why are they succeeding or getting what *you* want, but you aren’t.”

But you know what…. that is such negative thinking, and such a negative energy. I would say i am someone who is very positive towards others and am always happy for other people’s successes – even if i can get jealous at times, but for the majority i am happy when others are happy. When things are going good for others – i celebrate them and am proud of their achievements, whether i know them or not.

I have begun to think about how people in my close circle react when things are going good for myself – or my friends. And for the most part, all of my friends and family are very supportive. We lift each other up and support each other. We praise each other and know that we can help each other and that just because one person is successful, or just because one friend gets top grades or a great job doesn’t mean the others can’t as well. And this makes such a difference in life. To be surrounded by positive people who just want the best for you.

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If you feel that your friends or family are very negative towards you, or always try to make things a competition or can’t be happy for you when things are going good or you achieve something positive – then maybe those people aren’t worth your time or energy. I have – and am – friends with people who aren’t happy for others success. usually it is a sign of insecurity, they don’t believe in themselves so they tear apart others when they are being successful. And i have been on the receiving end of that hate at times – usually it comes from strangers online…. people who don’t even know me but decide to hate me for some reason. Usually i just block them, because their hate usually doesn’t stem from anything valid and is just a sign of insecurity. However i have also had people in my real life who have been rude and mean to me when i have gotten good grades or other positive things have happened in my life…. and it is draining of energy. To feel bad about achieving something, to feel liek you can’t talk about positive things that happen or going to happen. It is one thing to brag… and one thing to just mention it. But with some people you can’t even mention positive things because you just see the competitiveness and bitterness in their reaction.

And my advice to all of you is to 1) cut out people who are negative towards you or who can’t be happy for YOUR happiness and 2) make sure you aren’t that person who is bitter and jealous. If you can’t be happy for your friends or families happiness, then maybe you aren’t a very good friend/family.

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Not everything in life is a competition and the fact is – we can all make it. Just because good thigns happen for someone else doesn’t mean they can’t happen to you as well and you can’t tear someone else down just because you are jealous.

Jealousy is a normal reaction at times – even i can feel jealous and bitter sometimes towards other peoples success… but that lies in MY OWN insecurity. Because i want to achieve that goal or dream and my insecurity holds me back, so then when someone else achieves the goal or dream my first reaction might be jealousy. But then i realise… Why not be inspired of this person instead? If they can make it… if they can reach their goals or dreams, why can’t I?

And that is what you should do… get inspired and motivated, not jealous and bitter!!!

A sort of strange and long post, but it is some thoughts i have recently that i really wanted to share.

Also i want to say a huge thank you to ALL OF YOU. Because i really do have amazing “followers/friends” who have always supported me. And i have 99% of the time received support and positive messages from all my years on social media, and only very little hate and bitterness – and i am guessing the hate stems from jealousy or insecurity and the person wants to take it out on me . But there is very little hate and negativity compared to all the positive messages i receive – so thank you!!!


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  1. M says:

    Hey! So I was just wondering what your thoughts on the way many seem to track everything down to every little detail. For instance, tracking macroes, calories, water intake, steps, sleep, periods, likes, followers etc etc. I know it can be a great help on some areas, but it has become such a major stressor to feel like you always need to be on top of everything and manage everything perfectly…


    1. livenotsurvivesite says:

      I know I wasn’t asked to answer this, but I think this is an interesting topic so I wanted to share my opinion anyways:’D I have also noticed that people nowadays really track alot more compared to a few years ago. For example I have a friend that even tracks how often she cooks for herself or how often she does yoga or how often she studies for school. I think some things are really useful to track (for example when you get your period, so you know when it’s the time again), but most of the tracking is really stressful, at least for me. Because when I see on paper that I have just studied like once in two weeks it really stresses me out, if I don’t have it written down I am more relaxed. And counting calories really stole me the pleasure of eating, so I wouldn’t start doing that if I had the chance to travel to my past self:/


    2. Great comment and question 🙂 I thought i would share my thoughts about this in a post coming up tomorrow 🙂


  2. carol says:

    I personally love it when friends/family tell me things are going well for them or they have achieved something! It confirms to me that good things do happen in life and more often or not I can learn from their acheivements – ie it inspires me to work towards goals of my own. I think you should always celebrate other peoples happiness, I mean its great that good things happen, isn’t it?


    1. Yes exactly!! Being happy for other peoples positives and successses!!


  3. I love this! Wayyyy too many people enjoy watching people fail or get jealous of the success of others. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed seeing people ‘get on’ and do well. I hope I attract the type of people that feel the same about me too!!


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