Past 24 hours: Vegan ice-cream, “throw together” dinner, family time

The past 12 hours (when writing this post) have just flown by like crazy… feels like i have done alot, while also only done a little.

This weekend i am spending with my family as i had plans in Stockholm but they ended up getting cancelled, so instead just spending time with my dog and family – which is important as well!

My alarm rang at 6.30am, and i remember waking up and thinking, i can sleep 10 more minutes… which infact resulted in me sleeping for 2 more hours. So when i woke up at 8.30 amd realised i have to catch my train in 90 minutes i realised that my planned workout was cancelled. But that is ok as well. In the past i would have freaked out, but now i just thought… that’s life, the gym and working out will still be there when i get back next week. I needed the extra hours of sleep instead of going to the gym.

Then i headed into the city, and got my train. And it was not a fun train ride…. 3 kids screaming. 6 middle-aged adults who had had a little too much to drink and were arguing/talking/laughing at a higher volume than necessary and one person watching series on their laptop with no headphones. And me sitting in my seat trying to work on my assignments with internet that was extremely unstable….. oh and to top it off the train was 50 minutes late… meaning 50 more minutes of chaos.

But you know what… it was a good time for me to work on patience and tolerance. To NOT get irritated in a situation which could have led to me being very irritated and frustrated. But instead, i listened to music and just tried to focus on my work… the situation around me wasn’t worth getting irritated over because there was nothing i could do about all the noise anyway.

The positive thing though was that when i got off the train and was going to meet my mum i saw that the company Oatly which makes vegan ice cream was giving away free ice cream…. It felt like some type of good karma thing, hahaha. So i queued and got myself and my mum a scoop of their chocolate fudge ice cream (which is SO good, and i amn’t even a fan of chocolate ice cream!).

Then we headed home, i dropped off my things before following with my mum to a gallery as she had some errands to run and i had nothing better to do. Of course i wandered into the sports store and then the health food store….I can spend hours just browsing and looking at all the items in health food stores, i love it!

And after that we headed home and i was asked to prepare dinner – and i just threw together what was available in the pantry and fridge/freezer and resulted in a “make your own salad/bowl” which is my typical food at home!! Roasted potatoes and carrots, fried tofu in a soya/garlic/ginger marinade, avocado, garlic roasted edmame beans, vegan creme fraiche and beetroot! Even if i eat this type of food everyday, it almost tasted even better than normal because i was enjoying it with others!

And then i ended the day with a walk in the forest with my sister and dog! Such a long day that has just flown by!


And Friday my plans are to eat lunch with my mum, bake a cake for dinner and then we are having guests/family for Friday dinner which i am looking forward to!!

A weekend to just have a break from work and school work which is very necessary at the moment!

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  1. carol says:

    I didn’t know oatly made icecream – I will have to keep a look out for that here. Last summer there was hardly any non-dairy icecream available, now this year I have noticed the shops are selling several different brands – so there must be a noticeable demand for it, at last! And only this morning when I went to the shop I saw they had Ben and Jerry`s at a sale price, so I treated myself to the vegan chunky monkey, which I haven’t tried before. When I gave some of it to my partner to taste he really liked it and said you wouldn’t know it was non-dairy as it was so delicious – which is a break through as he loves his meat and dairy products.
    Sounds like you are having a nice break with your family – I hope you have a lovely weekend and just chill and enjoy the company, its good to have a change “of scene” now and again 🙂


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