The week that has been

This week, and weekend is coming to it’s end and back to reality – once again! School work, group work, presentations and work all begin again on Monday. And if i am truly honest , i am not ready for it. I am not ready to go back to school and work again….. Right now, more than ever i just want 1-2 weeks free of anything. Free from school, free from having to work… free from “have to’s”. 


However i have gotten my little mini-get away and that will have to do for the next few weeks!  Instead of focusing on the negatives, i want to focus on the positives and how positive this weekend has been! I have gotten my dose of sunshine, stress free days and family time… and time to get back to hard work again for the next 2 weeks and then just work to focus on!

On Friday the plan was to eat lunch in town with my mother, but as it was so warm we decided to instead pack lunch with us and eat by the water – which was a much better idea according to me. I threw together a mix of boiled potatoes and carrots, beans, lentils, beetroot, fried tofu, avocado, salad and vegan creme fraiche.


^^What i post on IG vs reality i.e all mixed together and then my mother and I shared that big bowl

The conversations i have with my mother are always so deep and we share so much information and knowledge with each other. Me sharing information about nutrition, training, veganism and my mum sharing tips about psychology, stress, ayurveda, the brain etc I always learn so much from her and she says she learns so much from me as well. We actually talked about starting a podd because our conversations almost need to be recorded haha…. However our discussions can also get pretty heated in certain areas, but we can talk for several hours straight which we did while eating lunch and laying out in the sun.


Then in the evening it was family dinner and my step dad made a vegan lasagna (fyi, i have a vegan lasagna recipe in my ebook HERE), and i made the salad and dessert!



Then Saturday was spent out on an island with my family. We were up early, packed with us lunch, snacks and dinner and then drove out to where my step dad has his boat and drove(?) out to one of the “nearby” islands and that’s where we spent almost the whole day.

It is days like that where i think – i would love to go camping again, or love to just be out on an island in the sunshine for a few days (as long as there is enough food and water and able to charge my phone!). I may love the city and living in the city, but being out in nature makes me so calm and i do wish i was able to be out in nature more often. However, that can be one of my long term goals…. to have enough money and be able to control my work so that i can have free days or atleast work from my computer/phone out in the sunshine and away from an office or home!


I hope you have all had an amazing week, and remember to take some time for yourself and self care! Do things that make you happy and things that help you destress! We all need a break every now and then!

And don’t forget to spend time with people who fill you with energy and make you happy. Text a friend, call a family member, take a walk or go for coffee with someone who makes you happy or why not make dinner/go out for dinner with some of your favourite people, or book a skype call with a long distance friend/partner!!!

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  1. carol says:

    Sounds like you had an idyllic weekend 🙂 I`m glad you enjoyed it and made the most of your break. Eating by the water rather than a restaurant is great and the scenery in your photos is stunning – I think I would have made that choice too 🙂
    Not long to go before you are free from uni and have the whole summer to look forward too! Its hard coming back to “reality” after a nice break away, but its good to take these breaks now and again, to recharge and refresh yourself.


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