Why eating fish isn’t vegan – overfishing, more plastic than fish in the water?

I have several posts on my blog about meat, dairy and eggs…. but what about fish?

Is fishing really so bad? Isn’t fish healthy? Do we need to eat fish? What about Omega 3?

Let’s start off with why eating fish isn’t vegan and the ethical part about fishing, and then  in a second post i will write more about the nutrition and health benefits/consequences of eating fish.

Many don’t see fish as unethical to eat…. many can easier make a connection with mammals such as cows, pigs, hens (but even then, many don’t see why it is wrong to eat them). People tend to forget that fish have feelings and want to live, just as much as any other animal or human. They might not have the same emotions, thoughts, consciousness as other animals or humans… but when fish are caught and killed they are often done so in brutal ways and are often left to suffocate. At the end of the day, fishing = killing an animal that wants to live. (Read more HERE: fish feel pain)

There is also a problem that certain fish are being overfished and this can cause problems in eco system and sea life. All the fish and different sea life have a purpose and place in the eco system and environment of the water… it is a balance and when one type of fish is gone from that eco system it can cause an imbalance. (Read more about overfishing: HERE)

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Fishing and selling fish is a HUGE business and fishing isn’t always regulated which has lead to quotas (how much of a certain type of fish that the boat/business can fish/sell), but also lead to illegal fishing. At this rate of fishing, it is thought that there will be more plastic and pollution in the water than actual fish (this of course can be debated but you can read more HERE) .

I recommend you watch the last episode of the show Rotten on Netflix which is about fishing – if you want to know more.

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Just like with bees and wildlife… sealife is an important part of our ecosystem and if one type of animal begins to die out, it can have much larger consequences, which is why there should be stricter rules but also that people are aware of what type of fish they eat/buy, if they do eat fish. Optimal – from a vegan and even environmental view – is to not eat fish.

However fish can have some health benefits, but even some health consequences if you eat the wrong fish or too much of certain fish. But a post about that is coming up in a few days!


**Also, fishing as a sport isn’t vegan. Even if you catch fish and release them it can cause stress for the fish which isn’t healthy or fair to the fish. And fish as sporting isn’t ethical at all just like hunting.

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  1. Terézia says:

    Hi Izzy, I have after a longer research started to want to go more vegan. The problem is, not only half a year ago, I still had problems with restrictive ED and my parents think this is some new method of restricting myself. Whenever I pull out ethical reasons, they respond as if I was a member of a cult, ‘completely absorbed in an ideology’. They say animal products are nutritious as well, that i am an extremist and that animals are for us to eat/what else would be they for? And although i have my arguments against it, when it comes to parents i am rendered unable of using them effectively. I am writing mostly because i need to let this out, after today I even started to doubt my own choice and am confused. Thank you for listening. Have a nice week 🙂


    1. Terézia says:

      Yes, and mum believes that the cruelty in animal factories (i cant call them farms honestly) is a minor occasion and surely not in our country. She says i am stone hard set on a wrong path, but just a few months ago i was same and she could use some benefit of a doubt and research. The people we love are thevhardest to talk to about these things…


    2. Lily says:

      Szia! Ne haragudj, hogy én írok, de a nevedbol feltételezem, hogy magyar vagy:)Nekem is hasonló problémám van, bár arra már sikerült rávennem a szüleimet, hogy fogadják el, hogy vegetáriánus vagyok. Amikor nincs más opció, akkor eszem tejterméket, tojást, de ha rám van hagyva, akkor egyszerűen vegán kajákat fozök magamnak. Én úgy kezdtem, hogy elöször halat még ettem, mert azt könnyebb mint bármi más húst, aztán egy ido után mondtam, hogy az is hús. Az etikai oldalát én is nehezen fogadtatom el, pl anya meg van gyozodve róla, hogy a tehénnek jó, ha megfejik, a tojást pedig amit az áruházakban kapunk, mind természetesen tojják. Én kb beletörodtem abba, hogy teljesrn vegán majd csak akkor leszek, ha elköltözöm, és addig igyekszem minél több befolyást kifejteni, pl javasolok vega kajaötleteket, vegan kozmetikumokat, szappant, stb igyekszem venni, ha éppen rám van bízva, vagy felajánlom, hogy én megveszem:)Tudom, hogy ez így nagyon idegesíto állapot, de szerintem elültettél valamit a fejükben, és ha nem is lesznek vegánok, idovel jobban meg fogják érteni ezt az életmódot is. Sok sikert:)


      1. Terézia says:

        Ertékelem a támogatást, köszönöm! 🙂 Én nem a magyar, bár egy kicsit észak felé 😉


  2. carol says:

    Its quite worrying about the over fishing in our oceans – many fish are at serious risk of being extinct in years to come because of over fishing. A while back it was cod that was endangered, even the fish and chip shops here stopped selling it and instead replaced it with different lesser known fish. Now it is not endangered any more they have started selling it again and it remains the popular fish eaten by most people – so I can quite see it being endangered again before long. A lot of people don`t regard fish in the same way as other animals, but cruelity is cruelity no matter what living species you are dealing with.


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