What’s in my fridge & freezer – Vegan| Staple foods at home

At the moment i am trying to remind myself to take more photos in my everyday life and to share more lifestyle posts but even share more behind the scenes photos of my food as that seems to appreciated!

So when i got my food delivery on Sunday evening – after being on the train 4 hours, it was the perfect time to share how my grocery haul looks, and to share my staple foods at home. I am guessing you already know my staple foods from the food photos i share, but here is a look in my fridge and freezer!

I usually order from Mat.se 2 times a month and stock up on frozen vegetables, lots of oatmilk, beans (dried and canned), tomato sauce, tofu and vegetables which last 1-2 weeks. As well as grains and pantry items such as flour, oatmeal, dried lentils, quinoa, corn flour etc and then i buy things during the week if i need them such as as fresh fruit or salad. Also usually buy fresh items such as potatos, carrots, sweet potato and other veggies atleast once a week! This works well for me and i find that i do save money as well as time by doing a big grocery shop that lasts for 1-2 weeks and then just stocking up on extra items or fresh produce when needed!

Here you see what is in my fridge and freezer right now:

This is one of my cupboards.


I also usually fill glass jars with coffee, oats, flour, cacao, dried chickpeas, red lentils, green lentils, nuts and seeds, granola or muesli etc but haven’t filled the jars yet so i didn’t want to photo!!

Staples in my house are always: Tofu, oatmilk, frozen vegetables, chickpeas (or some type of bean), lentils, potatoes and sweet potato, avocado (as long as they aren’t super expensive), tomato sauce and vegetable stock. And usually i always have oats, peanut butter, oat cream, vegan margarine at home as well, and then i buy fake meat,vegan cheese and vegan chocolate and yoghurt if i have enough money or if i fancy them, but they aren’t an everyday or every week item.

And i got some questions on my IG wondering about if i have fruit at home, and also how much i spend on groceries each week.

First off… i don’t actually eat so much fruit, sometimes i buy banana if it is extra price or some frozen berries. But i just don’t crave fruit, and it is something i should get better at eating. In the past i used to eat 3-7 pieces of fruit a day, but as i don’t really snack and just prefer my big savoury meals i don’t eat so much fruit. I am almost ashamed to write this, but i need to be honest.

And second, my food budget varies alot but stocking up like this – which lasts me c.a 2 weeks cost me around 96euro (this includes items that weren’t food i.e toilet paper, dishwashing powder, cotton pads etc) . So i spend around 250-300euro on food a month. For some that is alot and for others that isn’t alot. But i priortize food before clothes so i am sure i could spend less on food each month and have more money over, but it works for me and some months i spend more and some months i spend less!

If you like more posts like this, let me know 🙂 I also have some meal prep photos coming from the food i made for this week – or part of it anyway!


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  1. carol says:

    I shop in a very similar way – at the start of the month I stock up on things like washing powder, cleaning materials, frozen foods and dry goods such as flour, pasta etc. Then each week I buy whatever we need for meals that I haven’t already got and also buy fresh fruit and veg. I`ve always got frozen veggies in the freezer and things like beans, rice, tinned tomatoes tea and coffee in the cupboards. I have found that having the basic staples always to hand makes meal planning a lot easier.
    I have also found that doing one big shop each month to stock up saves me money, rather than doing smaller shops several times. It means I buy bigger packages which are always cheaper! And it avoids “impulse buying” which can seriously make your shopping bill bigger 🙂
    I love seeing posts like this 🙂 And BTW – your cupboards are very organised 🙂


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