Meal prep for the week & FAQ about my meal prepping | Vegan food

In my previous post i showed you what food i had in my fridge and freezer, so i thought i would now show you some of the meal prep for the week – as well as answer some of the most frequent questions i get about my meal prepping!

This is usually how it looks before i meal prep. I try to separate the foods into which meal i am making so that i don’t get so confused while cooking. 

How often do i meal prep?

I usually meal prep 1-2 times a week 🙂 And somedays i will cook separate/different meals if i crave that instead of what i already have meal prepped.

How long do the roasted vegetables last in the fridge?

I usually eat them within 2-3 days so they last for atleast that long. Roasted potatoes usually don’t taste so good after 1-2 days in the fridge and they don’t work well to freeze because they contain so much water. But roasted carrots, brocolli, cauliflower, mushrooms etc last a little longer. However i wouldn’t recommend roasting vegetables to last for more than 2-3 days.
How many days do i meal prep for/how many days does it last?

My meal prep usually lasts for 2-3 days i.e 4-6 meals. It all depends on what food i prep, how hungry i am and whether i add extra vegetables to my meals or not. I usually just meal prep a bunch of vegetables, lentils, beans, hummus, tofu and then i combine them together in a lunch box to bring with me for work or school, or when it is time for dinner. So i don’t pre-portion out the food when i have made it.

How long does the meal prep take?

Once again, depends on what i am making but for my meal prep below it took about 90 minutes as there were so many different things i made. But usually within 60-90 minutes is how long it takes 🙂 (Doesn’t include the washing up time, hahah)

Do i plan the meals beforehand?

Yes, i usually write down on a piece of paper what meals/foods i am planning to make. I.e roast vegetables, tofu-mix, potato salad, boil pasta & make sauce, etc etc

If you have any other meal prep related questions just let me know 🙂

Below you see my meal prep for a few days!!


I made a double batch of scones for snacks this week. (These were made the next day i.e seperate from my main meal prep).  Scones recipe HERE
Roast potatoes with some seasoning and oil & carrot fries
Here you see the meal prep and how i just put the food into meal boxes and combine later on. -> Roast vegetables, roast potatoes, fried tofu and bean pasta (which i will make a sauce for later on).


I made a tofu mix (vegan skagenröra), potato salad and hummus -> Hummus recipe HERE , tofu mix recipe HERE
The fried tofu (i just press the tofu of water, and this time i just fried in some oil and salt.) I do try to marinate the tofu somedays but i forget about it as i was doing so many other things!

Note, i wouldn’t recommend meal prepping both beanpasta and potatoes at the same time unless you are just meal prepping for 1-3 meals as both the bean pasta and potatoes don’t last so well in the fridge for a longer period of time… or atleast, the pasta and potatoes begin to  turn dry, so it is better to just boil pasta when you want to eat it rather than boil it and eat it 2 days later! 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    Do you eat the same foods all the time because of your instagram account or just out of habit haha? 😀


  2. carol says:

    You are so organized! I think you have a really good “system” in place that works just fine with your lifestyle 🙂
    Do you ever re-heat your food and do you find the flavours are affected at all because you prepare in advance?


  3. livenotsurvivesite says:

    Personally I am not a huge fan of meal prepping as most of the things I like to eat are better fresh (for example I prefer boiled potatoes over fried ones and they are disgusting when heated up) and also everytime when I plan something to eat I crave something different when it’s time to actually eat and I hate eating anything I don’t crave. Also I really love cooking and if I just had to cook one or two times a week (even if it would took longer at a time) I would really miss it the other days. And it kinda concerns me to heat food up in the microwave, but is the microwave really that unhealthy for you? That would be really interesting to know😊


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