Working with nutrition as a vegan

I went to listen to a lecture about a vegan diet and i actually got a little irritated. The person holding the lecture was very anti vegan diet. I understand that not everyone can go vegan and some groups need to think extra about certain vitamins and minerals… aswell as all vegans need to take b12 supplements (and vitamin D is recommended as well.)

However the lecturers recommendation wss basically to not go vegan and that people need fish and dairy to be healthy. It wasn’t just me who got irritated over this… my friends got irritated aswell. And they all agreed that i could have held the lecture ans been more inspiring and given better advice and tips as well as meal inspiration.

As a vegan it is important to be aware of a healthy diet and to do research such as where to get calcium,iron, d vitamin, protein etc But also to make sure you replace meat, fish and dairy with vegan options… not just cut food out of your diet. The problem is if people don’t eat varied or just cut food out of their diet without finding replacements.

What this lecture made me realise is that yes, i can infact make a difference. There needs to be more vegans in the nutrition branch. Of course you need to listen to the individual and give advice based on their requirements and preferences.

But for people who want to eat more plant based or want more knowledge or inspiration about a vegan diet, then i am a good person to contact or ask for advice.

I want to inspire and motivate rather than criticize or make everyone eat 100% vegan. Instead promote small changes and increase awareness and knowledge that a vegan diet can be healthy.

Of course having nutrition knowledge helps as well as living in a country with lots of vegan options and having family and friends who are supportive and/or interested in a vegan diet.

Basically…. if you are vegan and want to work with nutrition, know that you are important and can make a difference.

I am not someone who wants to work only with vegans or aspiring vegans, but i know that i atleast have my niche and that vegans or aspiring vegans can always turn to me for advice or help!!!

A healthy vegan can make alot more difference than an unhealthy vegan!!

I thought I’d write a post about gluten intolerance, celiaki and IBS soon as well as i got some extra inspiration from one of the other lectures i listened to!!

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  1. Con says:

    I know I’m biased as I am also vegan, but I don’t understand how anyone can be a nutritionist and NOT follow a plant based diet when there are so many health issues surrounding animal products of all kinds. Just proves the lack of info & brainwashing that goes on, really!


  2. Jessica says:

    I had a feeling that this lecture was going to be biased when you mentioned you were going to it. 😭 Some people can be so close-minded. Sorry to hear your lecture wasn’t great! Everyone should eat how they want to eat, as long as they’re getting all of the nutrients they need. I’m not a vegan myself, but I eat a lot of vegan meals every week. They’re so tasty, and I don’t care what anyone says!


  3. livenotsurvivesite says:

    I think you can be unhealthy no matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater. If you only live on chips and coke as a vegan you will lack in vitamins, minerals etc. and if you just stick to chicken nuggets and milkshakes as a meat eater you will also have deficiencies. It is all about balance, moderation and eating a variety of food. If you do that and are vegan you will most probably have no health problems, and if you do that as a meat eater you will also be healthy. Personally I believe in a vegan diet as it is the best for our planet and the animals, but as long as nobody tells me to eat differently I won’t judge them either, although I try to inspire them to eat more plant-based meals😊


  4. carol says:

    I`m looking forward to reading any posts you write on gluten intolerance, celiac and IBS and I`m glad you at least got some positive inspiration from this lecture rather than the unhelpful “advice” you got from your previous one!
    People can be healthy or unhealthy on whatever diet they eat, so its really not fair to label veganism as unhealthy – that is just wrong and I myself get fed up with receiving such comments. You can eat just as well nutritionally on a vegan diet as you can through a meat/dairy – infact I find the food on a vegan diet far more varied and flavousome!


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