Vegan bread pudding recipe – Pesto & tofu cream cheese filling

A few weeks ago, when i was doing the collaboration with MAX and was asked to create some recipes using their products i began to get creative and ended up making quite a few different creations and recipes.

I ended up creating this savoury bread pudding, but i wasn’t completely satisfied with the pictures and also i don’t think their brioche bread was the best bread type for this recipe. Instead  a bread which is more firm and doesn’t soak up the liquid so much that it turns soggy.


I have planned to share this recipe for a while, because even if it isn’t a collaboration, and even if i am not going to share the photos on my IG i still thought the recipe turned out good!! I also made a sweet bread pudding (peanut butter and banana bread pudding recipe HERE) which i personally think turned out amazing, but this savoury bread pudding is also delicious and a good option to make if you want to make a meal for many people as it is very filling for a small portion of food, haha!


Recipe: (Makes c.a 6-8 portions) C.a 2 hours

600g old/stalebread. The bread should be more of a steady type of bread and not plain regular white or brioche bread – (You can leave  the bread in room temperature 12-24 hours before, or cook in oven or toaster before cooking so that it gets more crispy/stale.)
1 jar of pesto, about 200 g (Or you can make your own)
80 ml aquafaba (the liquid from a tetrapack of chickpeas), or use oatmilk
c.a 600 ml of coconut milk, or more oatmilk
3 tablespoons corn starch
250g of tofu
2 packets of cream cheese (c.a 300g total)
3 large tomatoes
Vegan margarine
Seasoning – salt, pepper and spices of choice
Vegan cheese – optional amount




Start by roasting the bread slices – if the bread isn’t already stale/old. You can do this by placing the bread in an oven form and baking c.a 10-20 minutes (turning the pieces after half the time) at c.a 175-200degrees. The bread should turn crispy
Then cut the pieces of bread  (each slice) into 2-3 pieces.
Start by mixing corn starch and 80 ml aquafaba (or oatmilk). Mix well and let stand.
In a large bowl pour the coconut milk (or oatmilk) in and then add the corn starch mix. Add the spices you want, such as basil, herb salt and garlic &  mix well.
In a separate bowl crumble the tofu and add the cream cheese. Add seasoning such as as basil and herbsalt and mix until combined.

Grease an oven form with margarine or oil. Then place some bread slices on the bottom of the pan so that it covers the whole bottom.

Begin by pouring some of the liquid (the oatmilk/coconut milk mix) over the bread so that it covers the bread and all the bread has gotten some liquid.

Then begin to spread out some tofu on top of the bread, before adding more bread slices on top.

Then cover the new bread layer with the tofu/cream cheese mix before pouring a little of the liquid over and pressing the mix down so that it soaks up the liquid.

Repeat the different layers until all the bread or mix is gone. (If the liquid is gone before the bread or filling, then you can just use oatmilk instead).

**Note, the bread should get covered in the liquid so that it can absorb the flavours and not just be a dry bread mass. However, it shouldn’t be drenched in liquid so that it just turns into a soggy mess. 

Lastly cover the last layer of bread with vegan cheese, the last of the pesto if you have any as well as some tomatoes and basil.

Let stand in room temperature for 15 minutes while you heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.

Bake in the oven c.a 45-50 minutes (however may need longer depending on what bread you used).

Take out of the oven when done and let cool for a while before serving.

Can be eaten both cold and warm, and can be kept in the fridge for several days!

This might sound like a strange recipe, but it was actually really good!! 🙂 And does work well for a snack as well, hahah!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This looks interesting – never thought to make a savoury version of a bread pudding before – I have always made sweet so this would make a nice change 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!


    1. It turned out rather good, even if i didn’t use the most optimal bread and i think a more sturdy/thicker bread would have made it even better, it was still a good recipe!


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