The week that has been – school finished,

Hello and good morning everyone 🙂 Or maybe it is evening or afternoon when you are reading this post!

This morning i woke up at 5am from having a cough attack, which has basically lasted for 2 hours, so i thought while i am awake and have some energy i might as well check in on my blog again 🙂 It’s been a few days since my last post, infact the posts from this week have been scheduled so i haven’t actually checked my blog since Sunday last week.


So what has happened this week…..?

Well, Monday started off with a more stressful and chaotic morning than planned. It was the last day for our group assignment and the deadline was set at 5pm. So i was about to head to the gym before going to school when a message pops up from our teacher reminding us that the deadline was at 9am and that (“she had discussed the change earlier”). Then the panic set in as we still had about a third of our project left (if i had worked alone i would have finished the assignment several days before deadline so this type of thing doesn’t happen… but the other two i was working with wanted to leave it to the last second). Anyway, i threw down my bag and began writing and finishing the project in a rush with 80 minutes left…. and my group wasn’t the only one to miss the deadline change and a whole group discussion of panicked students tried to figure out when the deadline had been changed…… 2 hours later and the teacher messages again that she had gotten the deadline time wrong and it was actually at 5pm and not 9am. SO then still feeling stressed and panicked i headed to school and finished the project with my other two group members. Safe to say, it wasn’t the morning i had planned.

Tuesday and it was time for a presentation of our project followed by fixing our assignment after getting feedback, and then we submitted our final and last assignment for the term. We were officially done with school on Tuesday! (Though we had two other workshops/lectures which weren’t mandatory and i was working so couldn’t go anyway).

Wednesday was a 10 hour work shift when it was 30 degrees outside…. safe to say i would have much rather been outside in the sun. But as i am trying to not work over the top at the moment, instead making sure to take days off i had planned a free day on Thursday when the weather was going to be great as well. So it wasn’t so bad to work all day. However after my workshift i began to feel my throat aching and my nose was feeling stuffy.

Thursday i spent out in the sun for a few hours, followed by going to c.a 5 stores and calling 4 stores to try to find a specific product for a collab i am doing (or hopefully doing… you never know as it all needs to be approved and they can say no if they don’t like the pictures or recipes, so until everything is approved i don’t take it for granted that the collab will happen). And after that i began to cook & photograph the food and then write out the recipes and make adjustments where needed. When i finally sat down, that is when the tiredness and sickness kicked in. I think it was a combination of being in the sun for a little too long, running around town and exerting myself as well as sickness. Because i felt nauseous, freezing cold, my throat and ears were aching and my head was pounding. I did not get much sleep that night because i felt so sick.

Friday morning i woke up feeling a little bit better but i propped myself with a bunch of herbal medicines to boost my immune system as well as some painkillers and headed to work anyway. The sun always makes people a little strange…. they are angrier, more impatient, stressed….. so not so much fun to be in the cashier and be the person receiving a bunch of rude comments for things i can’t control. It was a very stressful work day.


Today, Saturday and as mentioned at the start of the post… woke up with a coughing attack. I had been asked to work 12-20 today but i had to call in sick and say that i couldn’t do it… not just for my own sake but for the customers as well. Who want’s the cashier to be coughing all over their food…. definitely not me!

So i will just take the day as it comes today and see what i do. Most likely just spend the day in bed or maybe get some sun for a few hours anyway!

A long post of my week… but i had alot to share from my life, hahah! That is what happens when i don’t blog frequently. Once i feel better i will get around to answering your comments and scheduling posts!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Sounds like you certainly have had a rough time of it what with one thing or another 😦
    I myself have been in hospital these past few days and have not been feeling myself either – so I hope we both have a better time of it this week !
    Heres to getting some sunshine, less stressful days and good health 🙂


    1. Oh no, i hope you are doing better now. I hope you have had a much better week this week ❤ Hope you have gotten some sun and rest and it was nothing serious at the hospital.


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