Stuffed aubergine recipe | Vegan

Aubergine, or American style called eggplant, is one of the few vegetables i have never really liked. I have tried it a few times but never fallen for it.

Sure, if it was mixed with other vegetables or in a soup or mix i could eat it. But it isn’t a vegetable i have choosen to buy, prepare or eat since 2016. However when i was in the store i thought, why not try something new….  I used to dislike potatoes, avocados and brussel sprouts, and now they are 3 of my favourite vegetables. So tastes can change.


And i am glad i gave aubergine a chance again…. somestimes you just need to go 2 years between the time you last tried a food and when you try it again, haha. Or maybe you just need to prepare it differently.

This time i roasted the aubergine and “stuffed” it with vegan soy meat, avocado, vegan creme fraiche and sweet corn and combined with roasted potatoes and broccoli. (Post photo i added some crushed tomatoes and vegan oat cream!)



How to:

Begin with washing the aubergine and then slicing in half.

Preheat the oven to about 220-230 degrees celisius. Drizzle some oil and salt and “massage” into the aubergine so that they are coated.

Then bake in the oven about 30 minutes.

If you are combining the aubergine with potatoes or other root fruits, you can chop them up and bake at the same time.

In the mean time you can prepare you stuffing/filling. I just used Oumph! pulled soy meat, but you could example fry jack fruit and add some BBQ marinade. Or make some guacamole or fry tofu in some marinade and top your aubergine with that!

Once the aubergine is roasted, scoop out the filling (or move it to the side) to create a hole/filling in the aubergine, and then fill that hole with your prepared ingredients!!

Can be eaten both warm and cold and is very simple to make!


I know this isn’t much of a recipe, but it is atleast an idea…. and that is what most of my recipes are… just ideas and inspiration for vegan food 🙂

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  1. Lily says:

    I also have a strange relationship with eggplant:D In some dishes, I really like it, but sometimes it disgusts me, and I haven’t really figured out yet what’s the best way to eat it. Maybe this one:)


  2. carol says:

    I really like aubergine and I think stuffing it is a delicious way of eating it 🙂 Did you know you can replace the pasta in a lasagne with slices of aubergine instead? Or have you tried it in moussaka? Both are really good!
    Its funny how tastes change over time – I never used to like spring greens or kale but now I love them. Same with parsnips – but now mashed parsnip is my favourite vegetable 🙂


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