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Recently i have been listening to alot of “real life” documentaries that are around 20-30 minutes long and it has gotten me thinking about alot of things in life.

To hear all these stories from people, everything from travel stories, murders, bullying, sickness, breakups etc etc

And i wanted to share some of the thoughts i have had.

1 …. We should not take life, or people in our life for granted. You NEVER know what could happen.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we should live a life of fear worrying that things could go wrong. And it doesn’t mean you should live a pessimistic life, always thinking things could and will go wrong. It just means that we (myself included) should take time to be grateful for things in our life. If we have a house to live in, if we have family or friends or someone close to us, if we have legs so that we can walk, arms so that we can carry, eyes so that we can see and ears so we can listen. Because there are people out there who don’t have any of those things. Just the simple and small things in life that we take for granted could be the things others miss out on and wish they could experience as well.

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And that brings me to my second point. We should not take our health for granted. Of course, so many people – myself included don’t have the best of health. Maybe you have pains or aches, maybe living with mental illness or chronic stomach pains, or maybe like myself you have both a chronic illness as well as mental illness… but we can’t let that stop us. We still have some form of health and we can make the best of that situation.

Which brings me to the third… i am going to sign up to be an organ donor as well as sign myself up to the tobiasregistret, basically a swedish register for people who want to/can donate stem cells. I don’t actually know if i can donate stem cells or all my organs because of my Cystic Fibrosis, i.e i am not allowed to donate blood unfortunately because of my illness but also certain organs i am not allowed to donate because they are/can be affected by CF in the future. But i feel like signing up to those two registers are two small things i can do to maybe save another life. I know many are against organ donation and stem cell donation, but i personally feel that if i could save another persons life i would and will do that (and i highly suggest you think about it as well.). Think about if it was you who needed an organ or your child who needed stem cells…..

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I know that many (or at least a few people) with Cystic Fibrosis end up needing new lungs and if only more people would sign up for organ donation then maybe more people would be able to keep living life. (Of course it is awful that another person would die to save another’s life… but that person would have died anyway… )

Third…. why do children bully…. I mean children aren’t born with hate or with racism or homophobia… that is something they are taught. Just like with fears – that is something they are taught from their parents or environment. It is so incredibly sad that so many children are bullied and so many children that bully others. There can of course be many reasons as to why children bully others, but it breaks my heart how many people – both children and adults are bullied for things they can’t even control, or just because someone or a group of people have decided to hate on that person. And even worse when that children or adult is bullied so bad that it causes them to commit suicide.

Fourth….At times i wish i was more free and could just travel the world. Several of my friends have taken gap years to travel and spent 6-12 months working or travelling in other countries and all i can say is that i moved from Ireland to Sweden and i can’t even remember the last time i left Sweden. I want to travel more but there are so many things stopping me, but i feel like i am missing out on so much in life. But at the same time i don’t have that desire to back pack for 12 months or to leave everything behind and live in hostels and party in Australia… that isn’t something for me.

I have plenty of other thoughts from these documentaries/life podcasts i am listening to, but these were just some thoughts i wanted to share. Feel free to share your thoughts about these topics… or anything else you want to share/comment.

Maybe i will write some more thoughts after listening to some more of these podcasts – they are perfect while on my way to work, or when doing the dishes or even when brushing my teeth/hair and getting ready in the morning!!

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  1. carol says:

    Some really powerful thoughts in your post. You are so right in saying we should never ever take the things in our lives for granted, that we should be thankful for our basic abilities to live life and to be grateful. It is also so true that life is unpredictable! I am currently experiencing serious health problems of my own and it is so scary because I just have no idea/clue of where it all is leading – or to what it is leading to. But you know what? I still celebrate the “better” times I have – whether it is a good day, or even part of my day where I feel ok`ish. I think it is important to remember to make the most of what you can do, what you have left – and try to live as well as you are able.
    I also think it is an excellent idea of yours to register for organ/ stem cell donation. This is such a worthy thing to do and more people should think seriously about doing the same. I hope you are successful with your registration.
    I sometimes read real life “stories” and articles and I am often blown away by the sheer courage many people show when faced with the most awful of circumstances. It certainly makes me think. And I really am grateful that I live the life that I do, that I have the things that I have and people around me that care, because you really don`t know what life has in store for you.


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