Potato “cheese” sauce | Vegan recipe

If you are a true, “die hard” dairy cheese fan, then maybe this recipe isn’t right for you, because i will say right off that no…. potato cheese sauce does not taste like actual melted cheese, no matter how much nutritional yeast you add.


However, i think it is an incredibly tasty alternative!! There are plenty of vegan cheese brands that have very good melting qualities which can replace dairy cheese rather well. So when making example pizza or nachos, you may want to use a store-bought vegan cheese to melt instead. However, this potato cheese sauce works great for dipping veggies or nachos in, or even adding to pasta and using as a cheese sauce!

The key is to keep mixing until it is smooth and creamy, add lots of nutritional yeast for a cheesey taste as well as other seasonings according to preference (whether you want it more herb-y, more garlick-y or with more chilli and paprika is up to you :))


I have made this recipe in the past, but this time i think it turned out better than ever and alot more creamy and smooth! It will last several days in the fridge, and you can reheat it to make it more smooth!

Recipe: (You can half this recipe if you want a smaller batch)

5 large white potatoes

2 medium/small sweet potato (alternatively, use carrots)


1 vegetable stock

c.a 100-150ml oat cream

c.a 80-100ml oil

Nutritional yeast, c.a 50ml+

a few drops of lemon juice

Salt & pepper

& Seasoning according to preference, example garlic, onion powder or paprika and chilli



How to:

Begin by peeling and chopping the potatoes into small cubes. Then boil in water with 1 vegetable stock until soft.

Pour away the excess water and allow the potatoes to cool slightly.

Add the potatoes to your mixer or bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix on high power until smooth. Tip is to add half of the cream and oil, and add successively until you reach the right consistency.

Once smooth, taste and add more seasoning or nutritional yeast according to taste.

Serve with some nacho chips, veggies or boil some pasta and add the cheese sauce with some vegetables!!!

As you can see, this is how much i got from the recipe/ingredients above. So you might want to start off with only half the ingredients if you aren’t sure you will like the recipe!

May sound like a strange recipe, but it is actually really good. In a way it could be seen as just mashed potatoes with nutritional yeast, but the key is to get the sauce really smooth and the oil and cream adds to the texture and flavour!!!




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    Yes that definitely sounds like a recipe for mashed potatoes haha!! It looks really good, I think I will try it and use it as mashed potatoes to some vegan meatballs, gravy sauce and lingonberry jam!!


    1. Hahah 🙂 Some would call it mashed potatoes, others call it “cheese” XD hahhaha


  2. carol says:

    Reminds me of cheese and potato pie 🙂


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