How i roast my potatoes | Recipe

Recently i have gotten asked “how i roast my potatoes and vegetables on the daily”. Instead of answering each person individually, which has gotten tiring, i thought i would make a post about it 🙂

If i am honest, there is no real recipe or tips or tricks to roasting potatoes or vegetables. For me, i just chop up the vegetables, add some oil and seasoning and place into the oven…. and then after a while i take them out and eat. So i neither measure oil or seasoning or track time.

However… as so many ask me how i prep my potatoes, here is a recipe you can follow!

Potatoes/sweet potatoes/carrots




How to:

Preheat oven to 220/230 degrees celisius (i have my oven set to a fan oven)

Peel and chop the potatoes to the size you want. (The bigger the pieces, the longer it will take in the oven.)

Place on a baking pan with baking paper and drizzle over some oil and your seasoning of choice (my favourite is just garlic and salt, or grill seasoning, and sometimes garlic and thyme for my potatoes. Or somedays i use cinnamon and sea salt on sweet potatoe).

Coat and massage into the potatoes so that they are all covered in the oil and seasoning.

Then place into the middle of the oven for c.a 25-35 minutes. Check on them after half the time and rotate the potatos so that the pieces get crispy on all sides.



**With sweet potato or sweet potato fries you can follow THIS recipe. And a tip is to coat in some corn flour as well as oil and seasoning to get them extra crispy!

Many like to complicate cooking…  Of course, baking and cooking can be seen as a science. Certain cooking and baking requires alot of skills, techniques and precise measurements for the results to be good. However when it comes to simple cooking, it really is not that advanced. I was never really taught how to cook at home, not by my parents anyway… it was something i just sort of learnt on my own.

Infact, the first time i cooked pasta on my own it took about an hour because i didn’t dare turn the heat up over no.2 incase it would boil over. So i sat by the stove for an hour waiting for the pasta to cook. And i have made mistakes such as eating slightly raw chicken nuggets when i was 12, and even eaten old rice/didn’t store it correctly which lead to food poisioning. So there have been trial and error with cooking food.

I am not a chef or cook and don’t weigh or measure anything i make. Infact many of my recipes you should just follow with “a pinch of salt” and i can’t always guarantee amazing results hahaha.

When it comes to cooking i just advise you all to experiemnt and be creative. You don’t always need a recipe. You can follow an indea or be inspired, but what flavours you want to use  can vary. Of course, sometimes switching things such as gluten free flour instead or regular flour won’t always work. Or switching aquafaba for eggs won’t always work… but you can experiment and see. Baking is a little more advanced than just cooking or heating things as there often requires precise amount of fats/liquids/dry ingredients for the result to be tasty and the way you want it to be.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily says:

    My first ever “cooking” error was burning a piece of toast, I toasted it like 5 times in the toaster! I also regulary forget to salt rice for exemple, sometimes I undercook it, sometimes I don’t add enough oil to tbe pan and my food burns down, but hey, it happens!


    1. Hahah that happens to the best of us i guess!! I am the type of person who forgets that i have already salted, so add even more salt XD I have even made mistakes like placing a hot pan beside a plastic bag so that the bag began to melt on the pot, and once even fell asleep with one of the stoves still on…. that was most one of the most terrifying things to wake up 6 hours later, realising that one of the stove tops was still on.


  2. Kristin says:

    yum! we eat roasted sweet potatoes almost every day, haha – they are so good!


    1. They are definitely so good 🙂


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