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Being vegan isn’t just about the food, even if that is a big part of making a change towards veganism. It is about your whole lifestyle and that you try to cut out animal exploitation or animal products as much as possible.

I don’t usually show what products i use or have at home, but i thought i would start doing that!

I have been vegan 2 years, but i still have/use things which aren’t vegan. Example perfume which i was given before i went vegan. Also things like tattoo care and moisturizer which i still use previous ones from 2 years ago… (this shows just how sporadically i use those things, hahaha. But next tattoo i get, i will have to buy a vegan aftercare as the one i used for my previous tattoo [and wasn’t vegan] is all gone now!)

Otherwise most of the beauty products i have are vegan and the ones that aren’t, when i need to buy a new version i will check that it is cruelty free and vegan!

Also i don’t really have or use any make up so not sure i am the best person to recommend brands or products, haha.


I don’t have so many household cleaning items, but i can share which dishwashing soap, hand soap etc that i use.

However, what brands that are available to you will vary depending on where you live. But it can be good to share more of these types of posts and recommendations as well, as it isn’t just the food and eating a plant based diet that matters.



Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner & hair oil (previously used Maria Nila which was really good as well)

Maria Nila silver shampoo/hair mask (This mask has lasted me 1,5 years! Though i don’t use it on a weekly basis… so i think it only lasts a few months if you use it every week.)

Thermal heating spray from ABBA

Face & body: 


Liz Earle beauty products (You can read more about Liz Earle products HERE  and a review of the products HERE : However i can say that they have been amazing for my skin!) ** Note, not all of Liz Earle products are vegan.

Lypsyl for my lips

Ida Warg self tan & St Tropez* (I might write a post about these! I don’t use them so often, but i do like using them from time to time!) (*St tropez are cruelty free, but not all they’re products are vegan. However this package is from before i went vegan… yup, more than 2 years ago i bought 2 packages while they were on sale, and i still have half of this one left).

Make up:
Make up wipes & mascara from Make Up store

Lipstick from Make Up store

Concealer from Body Store


I have previously used Urtekram, but didn’t think it worked so well for me.

And now i am using ACO which works well for me.


Eldorado toothpaste (Also used Humble toothpaste before)

In the past i also used a Humble Toothbrush (which is both eco friendly and vegan!)

Image result for humble brush and toothpasteImage result for humble brush and toothpaste


These are just some of the products i use. Remember though to check the ingredients/do your own research before you buy the products if you want them to be cruelty free and vegan. Sometimes the ingredients can change over time and a product that was vegan can suddenly have beeswax or other animal products, and they don’t have to write and say anything.

Learning what products are vegan or not is definitely hard and i prefer to go for products that have a vegan marking so that i don’t have to read all the ingredients, but i have noticed that unfortunately some products marked with the vegan label include beeswax or honey… which isn’t vegan. So kind of false marketing. However it is not a huge dealbreaker if i accidently buy a product that has a vegan label but includes beeswax or honey, though that is just a personal opinion, and instead i just go for another brand the next time.

If you have any tips on vegan products you use, comment down below! Also if you have any good vegan perfumes, as i will need to buy new perfume some time in the future and don’t really know which brands to look for/try!

Also note, cruelty free doesn’t automatically mean the product is vegan, HOWEVER vegan product automatically means it is cruelty free as well…. hope that makes sense. And you can see some CF/non CF brands HERE) There is a list with vegan brands HERE which you can look at!

Also a post with a bunch of vegan brands of cosmetics, skin care,  hair dye, tattoo care, sun care, dental care, nail polish, pads, razors etc CLICK HERE. (Alot of useful advice, tips, brands and information for all types of products for cosmetics, skin etc)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily says:

    I thought they can’t put the certified vegan trademark on it without being thoroughly checked! or else, you can never know!


    1. I don’t really know the rules about ther certifications, but i think the different vegan trademarks have different rules… Some products write “no animal extracts” but still contain beeswax or honey, which sucks. And even if a company is cruelty free and mostly vegan, they don’t always have 100% vegan items…. such as the Bodystore, alot of the products are vegan, but not all of them.

      It’s a bit like the vegetarian society marking on food is very similar to the vegan society marking, so many make that mistake in the beginning.


  2. carol says:

    I have discovered Tesco stock a very good range of vegan household cleaning products – dish washing liquid, clothes washing liquid, surface cleaners ect. They are all mostly very reasonably priced too – I brought some orchid scented dish washing liquid a couple of weeks ago and its lovely, smells great and its lasting a long time – and its priced cheaper than the other non vegan brand I used to use!


    1. I have also noticed that alot of storebrand housecleaning items are actually vegan, and they are the cheapest ones!! Infact, most of the time it is cheaper to use synthetic/chemicals instead of animal products hence why sometimes the vegan options are cheaper… not always, not with food anyway 😦


  3. carol says:

    Also LUSH products are mostly vegan although you do have to watch out for there being the addition of honey or lanolin added to some of their products – so whilst they are mainly vegan they are not totally. Their products are very good – not sure if they are only UK based.


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