A week of gratitude

After 2 weeks of not feeling so great, mentally and physically, i have finally begun to feel more like myself again.

I have felt more positive, more energetic and less anxiety. And this week has also included a whole lot of positive thinking and gratitude.

For some reason i have just felt so grateful for things in my life (which is in all honesty how you should feel daily!). But i think it is because i have been thinking alot about how it was in the past… how different things were. How there were so many things i wished for and now they are true or happening. I have ben thinking about all the times i thought, “i can’t do this anymore, i just want to give up”. Or times i thought that, for example i would never have my own place or move away from home. Just feeling happy and grateful over both big and small things in my life. Having this type of positive and grateful mindset makes such a difference… instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you want. You focus on what you have…. or focus on what you CAN do to reach/get the things you want.

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Things i am grateful for are:

Having my own place to live… but also that it is in such an amazing location. Both close to town and also close to a naturepark! For so many years i have wished to have my own place, and it still feels like it’s not true… like someone is going to burst my bubble and i’ll be back to living with others again.

I am grateful for having money to be able to buy food, pay my bills and can still treat myself to small things every now and then!

I am grateful for having a job. Sure, it is not always amazing, but there are so many people without jobs or those who can’t get jobs, so i am just so grateful that i have a job and actually CAN work. (There are many people who have cystic fibrosis who can only work 25-50% because of the illness. So i am thankful that i have the ability to work as well!)


I am grateful for being healthy. Maybe not 100% physically healthy (i.e my CF) or 100% mentally healthy (i.e anxiety and panic), but i am still relatively healthy and i am grateful for that. And i know that i can infact work on both of those things to improve my health to some extent – i just need to actually decide to do it!

I am grateful for having a body that works. Sure there are pains and aches in my lower back and hip, but for the majority of the time i am in fact painfree and have the strength and capability to move my body and exercise! I have legs that work, arms that work, a body that functions so that i can lift weights, run, walk, carry groceries, work, live life!!!

I am grateful for the ability to see and hear! I have been listening to podcasts from people who have lost their sight or hearing, and it just makes me extra grateful for those things…… things most people take for granted until they are gone!

I am grateful for the fact that i have moved to a city that i love, that i have friends and that i am studying something i love!

I am so grateful for my family for always being there for me. Always supporting me and being positive and helpful even during the tough times when i haven’t been the easiest to be around (i.e during my illness/eating disorders/depression).

I am grateful for being able to live on my own. For being free from my eating disorder and able to eat normally and balanced and workout for enjoyment.

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I am grateful for not being obsessed or addicted to exercise and being able to rest and focus on other things in life than just appearance, food and exercise.

I am grateful for all the support i recieve on my social media and all the positive feedback i get. If it wasn’t for all the positive support i get i most likely wouldn’t do social media… because in the end, knowing that i can help others is what keeps me going and makes me enjoy social media. It is not about attention or affirmations, but about knowing i help others…. in the end, i don’t think i would still be blogging 9 years later or posting 1-2 times a day on Instagram if i didn’t get any type of feedback. Of course i love what i do, but there it is also a two-way interaction type of thing with social media. I.e why it is called “social”, because you want to communicate and not just have a one way conversation/communication. (hence why i love getting feedback or comments, even if they are constructive crisitism, that just helps me improve or think about things in a  dfiferent way!).

I am just grateful for life in general!! I could focus on all the things i want to be different, or the goals i want to reach or compare my life to others… but it doesn’t help me or make me feel or thinking positive. Instead, being grateful for what i have in life, while focusing on the changes and steps i can take to make things even better or reach big or small goals i have set for myself!!!

I would love to hear some of the things you are grateful for in your life? 🙂



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily says:

    I’m grateful that my family has the money for all the necessities and even for some extra sprees, and we can afford once a year a summer holiday trip.
    I’m also greatful for my brains: I can learn quite easily and quickly and I enjoy it very much:)
    Glad to hear you feel better now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so awesome and great things to be appreciative of 🙂 And enjoy your summer and freetime, it is important to rest up during the summer if you have the possibility! 🙂


  2. carol says:

    So good to read you are feeling better now 🙂
    I`m grateful for the medical service we have in this country and for the help and treatment I have received from it just recently.
    For having enough money to buy food that I like and to be able to buy myself things when I want/need them
    For my partner and being able to share my life with such a wonderful person
    For my house and being warm and comfortable
    For being able to live my life and have the freedom of making choices
    For the ability and desire to read books – not only for pleasure but to learn from them too
    Just a few things I can think of!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thoser are all so amazing things to be grateful for!!! Take time to appreciate big and small things in life is so important 🙂 I loved reading these!


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