Midsummers Eve 2018!

Midsummers eve…. it’s not just the typical Midsummer celebrations for me, it is also a day (or “celebration day”) which has more meaning for me as well.

First off, what is Midsummer and why celebrate it?

According to Wikipedia,Midsummer is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the northern European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice or take place on a day between June 19 and June 25 and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures.”

You can read more about Swedish Midsummer, as well as watch the video “swedish midusmmer for dummies”, HERE if you are interested in knowing more!

I don’t care so much for the celebrations, and midsummer’s even and summer solstice don’t mean so much for me… it’s just that throughout the years i have celebrated Midsummer in so many different ways and been in such different mental and physical health situations throughout the years.

Back in 2010, my first real Swedish Midsummer celebration that i can remember and we had only just moved to Sweden and i was waiting to be admitted to the eating disorder clinic. The next years i was still in treatment and hadr a 12 hour permission from hospital to be with my family. And other years i have gotten black out drunk with friends older than me, i’ve celebrated out on an island with family, another year getting a mini weekend break with my family and having an arguement with my boyfriend (at the time) over the telephone XD

Midsummer also marks my 1 year blog anniversary on this blog!! Or well, i began blogging on here before i completely switched from my previous blog HERE, to this blog. It feels like i have been blogging alot longer than just 1 year on here. 1 year really isn’t that long and i am still finding my balance and on what to write and how much to share! But i must say, i do love this blog alot and being able to share both nutrition, recipes, vegan posts as well as some lifestyle posts, even if it isn’t completely lifestyle! Also trying to write more body positive, self help and self love posts!

This year my midsummer celebrations were just loosely planned. I was going to meet with friends but we hadn’t really planned what time or what we were going to do. But the day turned out great anyway!

As it was just 3 of us and my friends don’t really like the traditional midsummer food we decided to just eat lunch at home instead before meeting later to have a swedish “fika” and watch the celebrations around the midsummer pole, and then just see what happens.

So i started my day by preparing a mini midsummer buffet for myself: Beetroot salad, potato salad, vegan “skagenröra”, meatballs*, avocado and salad! Just  a basic meal with pretty much the same ingredients, but it turned out super good nonetheless!

Then i got ready, had some time to watch Youtube before i met with my friends. We just sat and talked, drank wine and eventually headed into town to find some place that was open so we could eat dinner.

My friends are so wonderful, because they kept asking me, “should we go somewhere just vegan/vegetarian so you can eat”, “will you be able to eat at this place?” etc etc But i just said, we’ll take the first best place that is open and has places available and i will find something to eat, even if that means chips and salad. Just because i am vegan i don’t want to make a hassel and most places can fix something, and i don’t mind eating just fries if that was the case. Times like this, when we spontaneously go out to eat i don’t expect a super fancy dinner, but instead to be social and be with friends!

The place we got a table at was Hard Rock cafe and the meal i got turned out to be delicious – vegetable fajitas! I think they even had a vegan burger (however then it was just burger buns and vegetables) and i think they had a halloumi-vegetable wrap where i think you could ask to have the wrap without the halloumi. So there are options available, but expect pretty much just bread with vegetables! But i am not complaining at all because i thought it was delicious and filling!

And then we ended the evening by sitting by the water for a long time just talking, listening to music and drinking wine. None of us were super excited to go out clubbing so we all decided to have a realtively early evening and head home! I am glad that my friends weren’t so excited to go out clubbing because i just wasn’t in the mood for it either. Not only is it expensive, but i didn’t feel like drinking or spending money on club entree fees either, not to mention waking up feeling fine and getting c.a 8-9 hours sleep is so much better than coming home at 3 or 4am and being both hungover and having anxiety over the money you spent the next day, is not my idea of fun or a good time, haha.

Basically, it was a midsummer celebration to my liking. Just spending time with friends and having a good time!

Next year i might try to spend my Midsummer with my family and travel out to the island where they usually celebrate Midsummer…. it’s always nice to get  a break from the city life when possible!

This weekend i mostly just want to watch Netflix and not do much at all. The next 2 months it is a whole bunch of work, so want to rest up as much as possible!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    We don`t really celebrate midsummer here in the UK, although people do gather at Stonehenge (ancient stone circle) to observe the sun rise on the day itself, although these are mainly people of the Druid religion. Its really just a date on the calendar meaning that the days are going to get slightly shorter from here on!
    I love the idea of your celebrations though and it sounds like you had a lovely evening with your friends 🙂

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