The week that’s been: Shopping, Happy Vegan & Work

On Saturday i had one goal/mission for the day, that was to head into town and buy a new self tan which i wanted to try (more about that in another post!).

However, 5 hours later & 15000 steps later, as well as going into c.a 8-10 different stores in total, and i was home again…. with more than 1 item as planned.

Started off with walking into town to go to one store which was supposed to have the product i wanted, but didn’t have that product so instead i went to another store, and then another store and finally found what i was looking for.

Then i saw that it was rather “calm” in HM, or atleast calm for being HM on sale, so decided to see if there was anything i might like/need. I am not a huge person for shopping in real life, not only do i feel panicked by all the people i also don’t like spending money on myself … or for clothes anyway. It takes me c.a 2 weeks of mentally “ok-ing” and preparing myself to buy clothes for myself.


I tried on a few nice things, but left the store without buying anything anyway…. as usual!

Then i went to two more stores… one to buy an ice cream i have wanted to try (and this brand is only sold in 2 stores in the city. One that is 20 minutes away from home, and the other 40 minutes away from home. And i was close to one of the stores so thought it was a good time to just buy it!) Review of the ice cream HERE

And while i was in the area, i also went by the store Happy Vegan, and was pleasantly suprised when i saw they had a sale on Ichoc chocolate!! (Bought 8 bars for €4 as well as vital gluten to try to make my own seitan [again]).




The rest of the day i really didn’t do much,


A rainy, stormy day. I had set my mind on workmode for the day, but didn’t get a call for work. However i was productive in other ways! Cleaned the apartment, wrote posts, meal prepped for a few days, headed to the gym for a workout. Constantly felt nauseous the whole Sunday, but i was produtive and anxiety free anyway!

Monday- Thursday:

Monday to Thursday were all work days. My work shifts vary so much, both in where i work but also how many hours i work. So it feels like i don’t do anything else but work on those days. However i have made time to workout at the gym, go for a walk in the pouring rain (the 30 degrees and sunshine has been gone for a week now 😦 I am hoping it will get warm again soon!). In the evenings i have mostly watched YouTube or Netflix, done some extra meal prep, laundry, wash the dishes etc Usually i am so tired after work so i don’t really have the energy to do much else haha. I had to mentally prepare and motivate myself to wash my hair one evening, with the motivation that once it was done i could eat some chocolate and watch YouTube, hahah!



Thursday was a chaos day at work. Not only was it a super long work shift, it was also the day before Midsummer eve which means chaos in the food store. Everyone is doing their midsummer food shopping and there seemed to queues the whole day. I was also in a store where the customers weren’t the most friendly, it was just to shrug off their rude and mean comments. There were also some customers who seemed to be intoxicated, or under the influence of something, who were both rude, creepy and made me very uncomfortable when they were trying to talk to me as well as staring me down. But after about 15 minutes they finally left……

Sometimes i feel like i should just write down all the crazy things i see and hear, as well as the crazy/weird things that happen when working in a food store. Feels like i could write a book about all those things… but at the same time, i don’t know if that is “Ok” or “allowed”. I am sure everyone who has worked in the service industry has experienced weird incidents or had to deal with strange, rude or mean people. Especially in the fast food industry, i can only imagine how stressful it must be to work in example McDonalds or Burger king. All the different people you meet.

Anyway, i survived the work day and then it was just to head home and get some rest before it was Midsummer celebrations on Friday!

This week i also found vegan Baileys which i have always wanted to try. However it was a little too pricey for me, and i didn’t know when i would drink it, so i didn’t buy it. But in the future i will 🙂 Also tried a new fake tan…. not sure what i think about it yet. It didn’t seem to have so much effect on my skin – so i will try it one more time and see if it works! And of course, been eating a whole bunch of the Ichoc chocolate (3 bars already gone, hahah!)

Friday and Midsummer’s eve! As to not make this post too long, i am going to share my Midsummer celebration/day in another post 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely week 🙂 (And note, i am going to try take more photos from my life to share on here!! I have been asked to share more pictures from the city i live in, but i am not in the city so much and i don’t want to share too many photos from where i live for safety reasons. So i don’t know how many “location/scenery” photos i can share on here. But i will try to remember to take more non-food, non-selfie pictures from my life!)


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  1. Lily says:

    Vegan baileys sounds good tho 😀 It must be very interesting to meet so many different and strange people while working, even if it can be uncomfortable at times! I mean, I’m the kind of person who likes to observe others. I’m not a creep and I’m not judging enyone either, I’m just genuinly interested😂


    1. Hahah, i am the same, i love observing people even if i don’t judge them at all. Many find that strange – that i don’t judge people, but find it fascinating to see how people behave and such, especially when they don’t know they are being observed. I have thought about the fact that i could be a researcher and do observatory studies such as when it comes to behaviour with eating/food etc But i know that research really isn’t my thing…. instead i prefer to just learn the results and new information and not so much do all the behind the scenes work of research and studies!


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I get what you mean about your work situation. I used to work for a nursing agency and most of the time I had no idea of when/where I would be working, how many hours I would work etc. Although I quite enjoyed the variety ( to begin with) it got very stressful because alongside not knowing how many hours each week I would be working came the problem of money – some weeks I worked loads of shifts, other weeks not so many so this had a huge imapact on my finances and budgeting! I gave it up in the end for a regular job, at least I then knew how many hours I would be working and what time/day my shifts would be 🙂 But I did enjoy meeting many different people and working in different environments so whilst it wasn’t all bad, I`m glad I tried it even if it wasn’t for me in the end.


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