Beetroot pasta sauce! | Vegan & GF recipe | 10 minute recipe

Pink pasta sauce, who knew that was a thing? Well, i don’t know if it is a “thing” yet… but it looks good and tastes good as well,  so what’s not to love!


I am definitely not the first to come up with this idea, so i am not taking any credit for it… but i didn’t follow any recipe. Infact, it wasn’t until i realised what a great idea it was and began making this sauce that i realised others had made it before me, haha!

You can make a beetroot pesto pasta sauce, however i made a beetroot-hummus type of pasta sauce. With a little twist anyway.


I had premade hummus which i used as the base of my sauce. For the hummus recipe, click HERE

I used bean pasta, which i cooked while making the sauce.

For the sauce recipe:

Premade hummus, OR you can just add the hummus ingredients to your mixer, as well as the rest of the sauce ingredients!

2 chopped and precooked beetroots

3 garlic cloves

c.a 50-100ml oat cream

a whole lot of nutritional yeast

Salt and pepper

c.a 1 tbs(15ml) oil

How to:

Mix all the sauce ingredients together in an electric mixer until smooth & add to your cooked pasta! Top with extra nooch or salt, and add some tofu or broccoli to your pasta 🙂

As simple as that 🙂

If you have raw/uncooked beetroots, you can just peel them and roast them in the oven (in small pieces with some oil and salt) for c.a 30-45minutes until soft, and then just add them to your sauce mix!



Other pasta sauces you can try are: Roasted red pepper hummus, avocado and pea guacamole, vegan cheese* sauceCreamy sundried tomato and basil sauce

Also if you want to know…. is bean pasta really better than regular white pasta, click THIS link to read my post.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. It looks delicious 😊


    1. It sure was!! 🙂 Thank you 🙂


  2. Rachel says:

    I’m SO into beet sauces lately! I love how you started with a hummus, though. That is a new twist!!


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