Vegan seaweed burger with remoulad sauce and dill chips | Recipe

In collaboration with VegMe, I have created two recipes using one of their latest product releases, a seaweed burger which includes algae from the Swedish west coast!

VegMe is a Swedish company that produces different vegan products such as pulled VegMe, different burgers as well as minced meat and vegan meat balls. They even produce different sauces such as aioli, mayonnaise and béarnaise sauce, which are all 100% vegan.


Ever since I first tried their Pulled VegMe, I have loved their products. Infact the first time I tried VegMe – as a treat after a long day of work – I instantly wrote to my parents telling them that they had to buy and test the product because I thought it was so tasty, and believe it or not… I don’t usually do that!

Another thing I love is that they are a local company (outside of Stockholm) with focus on creating delicious and vegetarian food that everyone can enjoy!

This first recipe I created was my take on a fish/seafood burger, by using their seaweed burger and making a remoulade sauce which I served with roasted dill potato wedges!


If you get the chance to try these burgers (or any other of VegMe assortment) I highly recommend them. Compared to other fake meat or meat-like products on the market, these ones have so much flavour and you don’t even need to add your own seasoning or salt to make it taste better!

Recipe: (2 burgers, c.a 45 minutes)
1 package VegMe seaweed burger (2 burgers)
4 burger buns
about 400 g of potatoes (choose large potatoes or ex baked potatoes)
& dill, salt and oil
& oil to fryFor the remoulade sauce:
200ml vegan creme fraiche
50ml VegMe mayonnaise
1 teaspoon lemon juice
3tbs sweet relish
1.5 tablespoons (20ml) of capers
Dill for taste
Sea salt and pepperFor the burger: Avocado, tomato, sprouts
On the side: Salad, tomato, cucumber

How to:
Heat the oven to 200 ° C
Start by cutting the potatoes into desired size and then place the potatoes in a bowl. Pour some oil, salt and dill and mix well. Then place the wedges on a baking pan with baking paper – make sure the potatoes have a little space between them so that they all bake evenly and get crispy. Bake in the oven for about 35 minutes and rotate/turnover the potatoes after halfway.
Then start with the remoulade sauce. Pour all the sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Taste and add more dill or salt according to preference. Place in the fridge until the burgers are ready.
When there is about 10-15 minutes cooking time left for the potatoes, start by frying the burgers in a little cooking oil, about 3-4 minutes per side. **Tip is to brush each side of the burger with a little oil before you fry.
Last, toast the burger buns 2-3 minutes in the oven or in the toaster, and then it’s time to assemble the burger! (Example, veganmayonnaise, seaweedburger, avocado, remouladsauce and some lettuce for crunch!)
Use the extra remoulade sauce as a dip for your potato lifts and add a small side salad!



This meal was extremely yummy, and if you like the taste of seafood or algae (which is also rich in vitamins and minerals); then this burger is for you! I also loved that it has the right texture, from having soya protein and not just beans as the base!

If you try this recipe, or any part of the recipe let me know!!

*Paid collaboration with VegMe*

2 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    These burgers look really good – hard to tell the difference in appearance between them and a real meat burger! I`m not sure if the brand is available here but I`ll look out for it – the “oomph” range has just made an appearance in the shops here so you never know 🙂


  2. fabtiffsim says:

    Is the pink cabbage? Or is that the tomato sprouts? Looks great!


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