Life update?

At the moment my days are just merging into one….

Eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat is basically my life.

Or ok… that is being dramatic and restrictive, i have infact had time to workout in the outside gym to get some sun and exercise at the same time.

I have also had time to cook food, such as made this vegetable “tart/pie”. Also threw together a delicious mix of foods i had at home – it was soo good, and i used almost half a garlic bulb. I have made different recipes like beetroot pasta, breaded cauflower, “tofu fish”



I have also had time to do laundry, the first time in 10 days i think… i was basically using my last socks and the clothes i never really wear and are hiding in the back of my wardrobe!


Gotten a food delivery! The best thing ever and now when i have an actual work schedule it is easier to plan when the driver can deliver the food!

I have had time to get some sunshine before work. I work alot of evenings so some days i get time in the sun, but other days i work 10-19, basically inside for all the sunny hours. This weekend was a very stressful weekend at work – so much to do and so little time, hahah. I would have gladly worked a few more hours to get it all done, but as my workshift was over it was just to sign out and leave. However, my heartburn which i haven’t had for A LONG TIME is back again, i partly blame this on all the coffee and energy drinks i have been drinking recently 😦

I have also had time to cut my hair, which was very much needed. Last time i cut my hair was before Christmas and that was because i was pretty much forced to cut it, haha. (My step grandmother (?) is a hairdresser and she said she couldn’t stand to look at my hair because it needed cutting so badly. So she cut it for me.) It is just one of those things i don’t prioritze. I just put my hair in a bun and don’t care. However, now that it is done and feels so much fresher i wonder… why don’t i do this more often? It wasn’t overly pricey either for just a cut!

So that is basically my life the past week. If i am honest, i had to look back on photos i have taken this week to even remember what i have done as it is just a blur for me!! I spent my whole Monday thinking it was Tuesday as i have no track of the days… i just follow my job schedule and which day and time i am supposed to work.

I thought i would share my July goals, but as this post is long enough already i might make another post with some of my July goals, or what goals i have for the rest of 2018!

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  1. carol says:

    I love getting my hair cut – even though I don`t get it done until I think it needs doing rather than the every six weeks that the hairdresser recommends 🙂 My hair doesn’t seem to grow that quickly anyway! I have a “mobile” hairdresser – she comes to my house for the appointments and it is so much more convienient than having to go to a salon – and pay salon prices. Mobile hairdressers are cheaper too 🙂
    Seems like you have had a good week – I am intrigued by your outdoor gyms – nothing like that here. I`m glad work has settled down for you now and I hope your new job is going ok?


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