July and 2018 goals?

On Thursday i had a free day from work and it was a day where i was filled with a burst of motivation as well.

I am a “dreamer” and a goal setter, though i can’t say i am someone who is so much of a “do-er”. I dream and set goals but i don’t always do so much to reach them… which is a problem for me. I have all these things i want to achieve, but i don’t work towards them.

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This is for many reasons. Fear of failing, which prevents me from even trying. Not knowing HOW to reach the goal, so i don’t even try… or i try to learn but it all feels too complicated and overwhelming. Worried about the end result not being perfect or turning out the way i want, so once again i don’t even try.

I set goals, but don’t do much to reach them… which is kind of silly. Because no matter how many times i write down the goals or think about them or talk about them, if i don’t do something to achieve them then they won’t happen. I don’t personally believe that things will just happen because you wish hard enough, instead i believe that you have to work for things. For me personally, all of the goals i have set for myself and reached – i have reached them because i have worked for them or done something new/different which has given me the result i wanted. I don’t think i have reached my goals by accident or for free.

For me personally, setting goals is key and keeps my mind focused. I always have goals, but i don’t feel demotivated if i don’t reach them – this is because i know that if i don’t work 100% for the goal i can’t be mad that i don’t reach it. If that makes sense.

Big goals or small goals, i love them!

I am not going to share all of my goals, as alot of them i just want to keep private and instead would prefer to just show the results and not talk about the dream.

One of my main goals for this month and the rest of the year, is to become a Doer! Also to not be so scared…. scared of failure, scared of trying. It is something i really need to work on, because if i don’t try i can’t succeed. And you learn from failure and mistakes. So my absolute main goal is to become a do-er and to reach the goals i set for myself, or atleast work towards them!

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Second… i really want to start health coaching and holding lectures. Fear is holding me back. I could start coaching now and i could start contacting businesses, schools, groups etc and offer lectures and coaching, i have the qualifications for it. But i have this fear of failure… or fear that no one will want to listen to me or be helped by me. But i am reminding myself that everyone needs to start somewhere. You don’t start off with 101 offers and 200 clients. You work your way up… just having 1 loyal client who thinks i am helpful is the first step! I just need to sit down, plan things out and then start marketing myself and begin my journey of a health coach for real.

Third, i want to start with YouTube. For the past few years i have used the excuse that i have lived with others and felt uncomfortable filming when someone else is at home… but i have had my own place for several months and still not started YouTube, even if part of me wants to. There is ALOT of fear holding me back… also comparison. What could i contribute with my videos that isn’t already available? I don’t have any fancy editing skills, i am not a great chef or recipe creator, there are already so many ED recovery vloggers and vegan YouTube accounts. I don’t have much of an exciting life so vlogs wouldn’t be so interesting…. So what would my channel contribute to, apart from me being a mediocre youtuber who doesn’t know what she is doing?h hahah. However if you do have any video suggestions or what you would like to see me film, please comment below with suggestions. It might be the kick start i need to just set up my camera and film!

Fourth, i have talked to my mum about doing workshops together, and i hope that by the end of 2018 i have atleast held/been part of 1 workshop/lecture. It is the kickstart i need, and to do it together with my mum who has alot of experience with putting together and holding workshops would make it easier for me, so that maybe one day i can do it on my own.

Fifth, try to stay in contact with my family more. The past few weeks i have had very little contact with my family…. i basically isolated myself for 2 weeks and didn’t answer any messages or calls and if it wasn’t that i posted on Instagram daily i am sure my family would have been worried. I go through phases where i just don’t want to answer any messages or calls or emails (this of course is a little problematic when you work online and have emails and messages to respond to.) My goal is to try to find more of a balance in this area and to of course prioritize keeping in contact with my family first and foremost!

Those were my goals for the rest of 2018, what about my July goals?

Well they are mostly to just work, make time to workout and go for walks, stay in contact with friends and family weekly. Eat more fruit and drink more water! Also to not eat dinner so late that i am ravenous…. this isn’t always possible with my work schedule but somedays i have eaten dinner so late and then i am so hungry it feels like i can eat everything!

There you have a few of my goals!! I would love to know some of YOUR July or 2018 goals? 🙂

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  1. Lily says:

    It’s nice how you are always sharing some of your goals:)My main goal for July is to get back to my original sleeping routine, which has been messed up since my final exams!


  2. Neva says:

    Hey Izzy 🙂
    Thank you for this blog, I really like it. I am reading your posts since 2014, i liked your recoveryblog as well. I´m from germany, my english is good enough to talk to others, but not good when it comes to grammatic.
    Now that i follow you for so many years, its no problem to understand what you are writing and everytime i read a post here (once a week or twice) I´m feeling like you are a friend of mine, like i know you a little bit, just trough reading. Can you unterstand it?
    I set myself goals often, to help other people or to eat less meat. Just to name two.
    And this year I quit my job (i have it until September) and find a new one in a town that I always wanted to live in. And I will get a course in becoming an instructor in the job that I´ve learned.
    I´m 25 now and get the possibility to help people with learning theater-technik. I´m really afraid of the second part of year 2018 but I am looking forward to the feeling of pride, if everything works out well. When I find a room, and i can learn do learn again.

    It feels good, to do somethin to achieve my goals.
    When you ask me, I would like you to create youtube content, I like when you writing about your week, and would like to hear more about the sport you do (I´m going to the gym once a week since february and i´m proud that I do it regularly, but i dont really now what to do there :D)
    And I´m courious about sweden, where you live, the landscape and traditions and so on.
    Just to give you some Inspiration for what do to on youtube 😀

    Okay, first Comment in 4 Years of reading. haha.
    I really like what you do.
    Keep doing it 😀



  3. Lena says:

    Hi Izzy,

    I’ve also been following you for three years and as you helped so much during my recovery, I’d just like to tell you that you are such an inspiration. I know that many times you don’t believe that, but just reading about your daily life, achievements, struggles, thoughts you share makes me happy and inspired. You’ve always been a kind of an idol for me (because you overcame ED and depression and that made me believe in myself more), I always smile when I read your posts/scroll through your IG feed and you really, really didn’t have to do so much to make me happy.
    However, I’m also a big dreamer and not-doer. So I encourage you to overcame fears that aren’t actually realistic. I’m sure you would succeed being a health coach (you already have a huge support on social media) and yes- YT would be a great thing- I’d always be your loyal supporter 😉
    I’m not vegan/ I’m trying to recover, however I DO read your recipes (your snickers cake was the best birthday cake I made for my dad- he said it!) and I follow you on instagram, though I prefer reading posts about your daily life 🙂 Maybe you could make some videos about the place you live, studying in Sweden, maybe vegan cafes/restaurants you like to visit? And some meal ideas? Anyway, I’m 100% sure you’ll succeed, so go and get those dreams, Izzy, we know you are a fighter and a winner ❤

    Have a lovely day! Lena


  4. Yaya says:

    I would like to watch you on youtube 🙂


  5. Yaya says:

    Maybe you Can solve the problem with the late dinners by having a bigger snack at work so that you dont get too hungry? 🙂 Where do you think you will live after your graduation from uni?


  6. carol says:

    I think the key answer to achieving any of your goals, big or small is having the confidence in yourself that yes you can begin to work towards them and you are capable of reaching them. Also to break them down into do-able chunks – its no good setting a long term goal and hope that is achievable straightway, because it isn’t. break it down into smaller steps and work and build on each one. They will add up to reaching that final goal! Reaching a goal means changing your behaviours/habits and this just isn’t possible straightaway. Its a learning curve and one to be progressed through, if that makes sense?
    I loved reading about your goals and I`m sure you have it in you to reach them 🙂
    I have set myself a goal that by the end of this month I will have begun studying the new set of books I brought awhile back. Up until now they have sat still packaged and untouched on my desk even though when I brought them I was excited to get into them straightaway. But somehow I haven’t done that and I really ought to.
    And to spend more quality time with my partner doing things together – even if those things aren’t neccesarily my first choice. To make time for ourselves, to enjoy life!
    Just a couple I can share although I do have a few more personal ones.
    I hope you are having a lovely summer break and enjoying the freedom from uni. When do you go back? And how is your new job going?


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