Barbeque tofu sandwich | Vegan recipe

After a day out in the sun I began to get cravings for a real tasty sandwich with extra everything! I really don’t eat a lot of sandwiches anymore… it might be that I prefer making my own bread and 2 I don’t always find them so filling.


In the past when I was growing up I had sandwiches to school everyday from the age of 6 to 14. Around the age of 12 I got tired of having sandwiches everyday and stopped eating them and since then I haven’t eaten a lot of sandwiches for lunch.

My typical sandwich filling in the past was potato salad and cheese, or an egg sandwich.

Many think that sandwiches are unhealthy because of the bread or because of the filling…. But sandwiches aren’t unhealthy, I mean it is just bread with filling…. It is about what the sandwich contains. Sure if you use white bread and just fill it with Nutella or with bacon and cream cheese and eat that everyday then maybe it isn’t the most nutritious (but every now and then it is fine.) But if you fill your sandwich, preferably wholegrain but white bread is fine in moderation as well, with vegetables and some protein source example tofu, tempeh, seitan or make a chickpea mix or why not hummus and veggies, then the sandwich can both be very filling and nutritious!!!

My cravings lead me to create this barbeque tofu sandwich with avocado, veggies and oat cream.



250g tofu

4 bread slices

Vegetables example tomatoes and cucumber

Vegan spread, tomatoe sauce/mustard etc

Potatoes, oil and seasoning

Sauce ingredients:

60ml soy sauce

2 tbs brown sugar

2 tbs rice vinegar (or some form of vinegar)

3 tbs ketchup/sriracha or barbeque sauce

1 tbs oil

1-2 tbs water

A few drops of either lemon or mustard so that the oil and water in the sauce mix together.

Grated ginger or garlic if wanted


How to: Prep c.a 60 minutes, cook time c.a 15 minutes

Begin by pressing the tofu c.a 30 minutes before chopping into c.a 2-3cm wide slices and marinating in the sauce.

Make the sauce by mixing together the ingredients above.

**While the tofu is being pressed or while it is marinating, you can roast some potatoes or veggies in the oven**

Let the tofu marinate c.a 15-20 minutes.

Then fry the tofu in some oil on medium heat . Add extra/left over sauce if necessary during the frying.

Roast the bread in the oven, c.a 200 degrees for 2-3 minutes, or in a toaster.

When the tofu is frying chop up your avocado and veggies.

Once everything is done, begin to assemble your sandwich.

Mine consisted of bread, vegan butter, mustard, tomato and cucumber, tofu and avocado!

Note, yes the sandwich fell apart when I ate it, but I pressed it down to make it easier to eat!!



I rate this sandwich 10/10! And if I was packing this sandwich me, example to eat at a picknick I would use baguette instead or maybe a wrap so that the filling wouldn’t fall out as easily!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    I love sandwiches – they are so versatile and the combinations you can make are endless, all it takes is a little imagination! There are so many ingredients you can put between two slices of bread!
    I love your sandwich creation – that is definitely what we would call a “doorstep” sandwich – I hope you enjoyed eating it xxxx


  2. Kristin says:

    yum! that looks so good!


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