New week and life update: Work update

Good morning and happy new week!!

After a full week of work i am feeling rather drained of energy. I prefer the evening workshifts as it means i can do stuff in the morning or get to be in the sun for an hour or two before work starts. But it is also draining to finish work at 10 or 11pm after 7-9 hours work. Also when i get home it is like i am too tired to sleep, it is hard to explain. But when i get home from work i can’t just fall asleep, i need time to just “relax” and to watch Youtube and eat a snack and just feel like i have some time to myself before the day ends…. so it results in me falling asleep at 1 or 2am.

Can you tell what my favourite colour of clothes is?

How is work going? It is going good…. and i have to say, it feels so strange (and also so good!) to have work colleagues i can talk to. People i can talk to and eat lunch with during my lunch break. Also people who are interested in talking to me, knowing what i do etc etc Last summer, and the work i had for a few weeks before this job, i was working as a consult meaning i worked in different stores each day. It was stressful, caused me anxiety and because i just worked at a store for a few times i never really talked to the other workers. I did feel lonely, so it feels strange to have work collegues and not just be a stranger and new worker each day.

As it is a grey and cloudy day today it is the perfect time to just clean the house, do laundry and meal prep for the week. Also to get some online work done which i don’t have much time for during my work days. I have some delicious food to look forward to this week, and some recipes to share on here as well!!

I love sunny days, however i also feel this pressure to be outside whenever it is sunny and that doesn’t make much time to be inside and do things like meal prep or clean, so i don’t mind when it is a grey day once a week so that i can just do all these “must do” chores and online work and not feel guilty about being inside.

I don’t have much else to write or share…. just trying to enjoy my summer as much as possible. It is crazy to think that half the summer has already gone… but i am not going to dwell on that, and instead enjoy the remainder of the summer.  If possible i am going to try to visit my family soon, just need to double check my work schedule! I didn’t think i would have time to visit my family this summer, but i think i have a few days off which is the perfect time to get a mini weekend away!


In general i am feeling happy and just living life… trying to make time for all the things i want to do each day!!

I hope you all have an amazing week, and make sure to take time to do the things you enjoy and get some time for mental and physical rest 🙂


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I was the same when I used to work night-duty, too tired to sleep by the time I had finished and needing time to myself to unwind before I could go to bed. It wasn’t a work schedule I could follow long term thats for sure although it did have the benefit of me having some of the days free (depending on what time I got up).
    This summer does indeed feel as though it is passing too quickly – we are having beautiful weather at the moment and I am just happy to be making the most of it, loving the brightness and warmth of each new day 🙂
    Good to read that your new job is going well and you are happier doing this one!


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