My thoughts: The importance of sleep and rest! | Sleeping in and resting from workouts

Hello 🙂

I know that this may be a recipe-vegan-nutrition blog, but i almost feel like apologizing that there are so many recipes all at once, hahah. I prefer to try to find some type of balance with the posts so that it is not just recipes or personal posts or just posts about veganism.

I know i can’t please everyone because some just want personal posts, some don’t want any nutrition posts, some want more nutrition posts, some only read/want my recipe posts etc  That’s why i think having a balance of all those type of posts is bests!

(If you have any post suggestions just comment below!! Whether it is nutrition, veganism, questions, ed related, self love, personal etc!)

My life is so far from exciting as can be right now. I feel like i barely have time for anything and the days are just passing by so quickly…..

Two things i really want to share and remind you of is how important sleep and rest is.

I am the type of person who has my alarm on every night no matter what day it is. Even on Christmas and my birthday i will set an alarm… of course what time i set the alarm varies depending on the plans for the day. Some days i wake before my alarm and somedays i sleep past my alarm…. and recently (well the past few months) it has mostly been the latter. I.e i set my alarm for a certain time but end up sleeping past my alarm, sometimes for 30 minutes other times 2 hours.

And it has always stressed me out to wake up 2 hours after i have set my alarm – even if i have nothing planned for the day. I feel like there is “not enough time” in the day, even if i wake up at 9am i can feel stressed. And that is not a good way to start the day.

So instead what i have begun doing is setting my alarm for later on my free days. On my work days i have lots of alarms to make sure i actually wake up in time. And also to just accept that if i sleep in later than i wanted to, it is not a big deal… i needed that extra sleep. Also if i fall asleep at 2am it is not so strange that i don’t naturally want to wake up at 6am and instead wake up at 8 or 9am, which would give me 6-7 hours sleep.

What i have noticed though is that i function best and wake up feeling most rested after 8-9hours sleep.

Related image

Sometimes i find it crazy to think that i used to get up at 5am and be at the gym by 6 or 6.30am, and i used to naturally wake up around 6/6.30am and now i don’t feel fully awake until atleast 8am. But that is just life and your current energy levels change over time…. i.e sometimes i have energy 24/7 for several weeks and other times i only have energy for 1 or 2 things each day and need extra sleep.

So remember to get enough sleep. DON’T skip out on sleep. Infact the less you sleep and the more tired you are, the higher your risk of injury from tiredness but also you lower your immune system and can easier catch a cold and get over stressed.

Which brings me to my second point… the importance of rest. I know i have mentioned this several times before, but resting from the gym and strength training is so important. 

Now a days i only have time to strength train c.a 3-4 times a week (which yes, is the normal/average amount for most people. But sometimes i compare my current workouts to when i used to workout 6 days a week.) What i have noticed though is that when i have 2-3 rest days… (which aren’t always “rest” as i might go for a walk, or i have a full day at work where it is movement and activity for c.a 7-8hours [If i am on the floor]), is that i feel energetic and strong for each strength workout i do.

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When i used to workout 6 days a week after a while i got tired, i didn’t always feel energetic, strong or rested for my workout. But now i feel refreshed, stronger and more energetic for each strength workout i do. Of course as i love going to the gym and working out i would gladly workout 6-7days a week just because i love it…. but the older i get the more i realise how important rest is, and even if i would like to – and could – maybe working out everyday isn’t always the best. Or atleast, if i do workout 6 days a week then i vary what i do and sometimes it is stretch, othertimes high intensity and other times low intensity for variation anyway.

Image result for importance of rest days

But i do want to remind you all to not be scared of resting. Because it is when you rest and fuel your body that your muscles will grow and you will get stronger. When you workout you break down and tear the muscles. Sure to get better at the sport you are doing you need to train and practise i.e you get better at what you do, but overdoing it won’t help you either. So find a balance and don’t be scared to rest. Example now in summer, if you are on holiday don’t be scared to take a week or two away from the gym and training. Don’t panic over not being able to workout, instead see it as the perfect time for your muscles to get the rest they need and you will get back to your workout routine when you are home again and feeling stronger and more motivated than ever!!

This was just two things on my mind that i wanted to share with you all! You may or may not need the reminder, but who knows… maybe someone needed a reminder of the importance of sleep and rest! It is easy to want to be productive and go-go-go 24/7. But both the body and mind need rest!!




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  1. Lily says:

    It’s definately a great reminder when you are to go to a two-week holiday and you are a bit worried:D Not that these holidays are so relaxing though. We are always exploring the place we are staying at, so yeah, we may sit a lot in the car because of transportation, but we also certainly walk a lot and experience a lot, which is something really active and energy draining, even if I enjoy it!


  2. Yaya says:

    Just want to add that strength training 3-4 times per week is a lot, especially when going for walks as well. I think you compare yourself with ”fitness”-people sometimes? 🙂 Can be Good to have in the back of your head 🙂


  3. stephanie says:

    Dear Izzy,

    My question has anything to do with the topic you are talking about, but I have a quetions that upsets me a lot at this moment of my life: Is it possible to recover fom an ED ( anorexia in my case) by beeing vegan? Forcing myself to eat animal to please my familly is extremely upsetting for me and can do this anymore….I have bad feeling each time eating time comes…..I would like to have your opinion on this point
    thanks a lot if you could take time to answer me, as it is very very important


  4. bakedbyclo says:

    I totally feel the same feeling when waking up later. There isn’t enough time 😂 but you are so right, getting enough sleep is so important and it’s OK to sleep in a little if your body needs it ☀❤


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