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Chickpea pancakes recipe | Vegan and gluten free recipe

Chickpeas… one of the most versatile legumes according to me!!

Hummus, cookie dough, bars, cookies and cakes, roasted chickpeas, used in soups/stews/woks, falafels, burgers, omelettes and the list goes on. Not to mention you can use the aquafaba to make meringues, cakes, mayonnaise etc etc

Chickpeas are also a great source of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates… not to mention a source of folate and iron and other minerals such as magnesium, zinc and copper.

Chickpeas are a versatile, cheap source of nutrition! (The best is to buy dry and boil yourself = alot cheaper!!)

This post is not just to share my love of chickpeas, but to share a recipe with you:



Chickpea pancakes… or chickpea omelettes, depending on what you want to call them.

The recipe is incredibly simple, i.e:

Basically 1 part chickpea flour, 2 parts water/liquid. Example 100ml chickpea flour, use 200ml liquid. I used water, but you can use plant based milk or oatcream.

Mix together – The mix shouldn’t be clumpy but not too thin either. Like pancake batter!

And then fry on medium heat. It takes c.a 30-60 seconds each side, so be quick to flip the pancake. 

***And the important thing with this recipe is the seasoning and the filling. Because the actual chickpea pancake doesn’t taste so much, so you need to alot of seasoning! 

Also you can make a filling which you can add to the pancakes when one side has done frying (like an omelette or crepe)!


It was not easy to take a picture of this meal so tried two different styles/pictures hahahah

^^The filling of my 3 “pancakes^^





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