Home made seitan recipe! (Updated & better recipe!)

In the past, i have attempted to make home made seitan several times but the result has never really been so great. Sure i have eaten it, but i have just felt like… making my own is too time consuming and the result isn’t worth the time or the effort for me.

I do buy pre pacakged seitan products, which i love and i have always wondered why their seitan tastes so good. Also why do other people succeed so well with home made seitan and i don’t?

So a few weeks ago i bought some vital wheat gluten, which is the base of seitan (i.e seitan = gluten) and it has just been sitting in my cupboard until i found the time, energy and motivation to try make seitan out of it.


If you want to know more about what Seitan is, read HERE

Or read more about my previous attempts at making this food, HERE

The recipe i followed in an adaption of THIS recipe

You can cook/prepare seitan in many different ways – frying, boiling, baking, steaming and i have seen recipes where it says 30 minutes ad others that take 12 hours to prepare. So it varies so much. Also the taste of seitan varies alot depending on what seasoning and spices you use… Seitan without spices/seasoning doesn’t taste like much, so you choose yourself how and what you want the seitan to taste like. 

Also depending on how you prepare the seitan and what shape or size you cut it into determines what the seitan will “resemble”. I.e do you want seitan bacon, seitan sausages, seitan steak or even seitan chicken.

Recipe: c.a 2 hours to prepare/cook/chill, 4-8 servings

Dry ingredients:

190g vital wheat gluten

40 chickpea flour

4 tbs nutritional yeast

Salt and peppar (optional)

Wet ingredients:

c.a 15ml vegetable stock (I used an onion flavoured one)

c.a 300ml water

2tbs soy sauce (opt for low sodium if desired)

2tsb liquid smoke

c.a 1tbs oil

& Aluminum tinfoil


How to:

Begin by first mixing together the dry ingredients in a bowl.

In a seperate bowl mix together the wet ingredients (Note, there may be oil bubbles in the wet mix, but they will go away once you combine the wet and dry ingredients.)

Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix. Once the mix starts to form a sort of “dough” begin to knead it for several minutes. Keep kneading for c.a 5-10 minutes and then let the dough rest c.a 10 minutes.

While the dough is resting you can prepare a pot with a colander/strainer (unless you have a pressure cooker!). As well as prepare 2 large pieces of tinfoil which you will wrap the seitan in.

Once the dough has “rested” knead for c.a 30 seconds and form it into the shape you want… such as sausage shape, steak shape or into rectangles. *It is better to shape into a sausage or rectangle and after it has cooked and chilled, then you can cut it into small or thinner pieces*

Wrap those pieces (i got 2 small/medium pieces) into aluminum tinfoil and place in the strainer.


Begin by boiling water in a pot and placing the strainer with the wrapped seitan ontop of the pot and place a lid over. Allow to steam for c.a 30-45 minutes, turning the pieces over after half way.


Once the seitan is done steaming, place the pieces on a chopping bord, or plate (be careful not to burn yourself!) and allow to cool for a while before placing in the fridge and allowing to cool for minimum one hour.

After that, it is just to eat the seitan as it is or cut into whatever shape and size you want and  fry it in some oil!

This is one of the first times that the result has been successful when making seitan and it really wasn’t so complicated or time consuming. Sure, it may take 2 hours, but the actual preparation and cooking isn’t so long, and you can just do other stuff while the seitan is steaming and cooling in the fridge!


I am going to experiment more with seitan in the future and see what results i get!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. stephanie says:

    Yes !!! thanks Izzzy I now understand after reading your Omega 3 post and short paragraph on Iodine.
    “the more root vegetables, potatoes, fruits and vegetables you eat the higher amount of iodine you will be consuming”
    I can now understand why my thyroïd is disfunctionning, I do not eat enough Carbs…in fact I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits but perhaps not enought other carbs, starch card such as potatoes, rice…I do eat sweet pototates and bananas, pulses here and then but i will push more on starches now….maybe if blood test is better I will be able to reduce treatment. !!!


  2. carol says:

    Making this isn’t really any more time consuming than making a cake – and it looks like you`ve cracked it at last 🙂 What are you going to try next with seitan now you have mastered how to make it? I should imagine the choices are many 🙂


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