Loving what you do/creating a life you love and life thoughts

Recently i began thinking about how much i love cooking and creating “new” plant based dishes and sharing them with all of you. This isn’t a fact or something new. But for me it is new…. Yes i have had my instagram and blog for several years now, but it was only really today (when writing this post) that i realised that i love creating new foods (when time and money allow it). Sure, i may use the same ingredients for many of my recipes as i don’t have the money to buy new ingredients all the time. But i love showing all the things you can do with the same ingredients, or even just sharing inspiration to new meals…. To share my love for food and wanting to nourish your body. Cooking is also a creative outlet for me I used to do alot of writing and drawing/colouring when i was younger but no longer do those things (apart from blogging = writing). But cooking and baking is my new creative outlet and i can easily spend several hours just cooking and creating. But it is not just the cooking and eating i love, i also love sharing it with others and hearing when others try the food or get inspired by what i share. It’s like i have never really realised how much i like doing what i do until now! And sometimes when i create lile 2 or 3 new recipes at once i just want to share them all at once but try to spread the recipes out throughout the week…. but all i want to do is publish them at once!!

Over the years i have created a life that i really love. A life that i enjoy living – even if it’s not always easy and things aren’t always great.

One of my main motivations and reasons to recover was to have a life i loved. To have friends, have my freedom and independence. To be able to live life. Even if it’s taken years to reach this stage of my life i can say i have finally reached it.

When i was sick with my eating disorder i thought it was just to reach my goal weight and then I’d have an amazing life. Those of you who have followed me online for the past few years know that that wasn’t the case. Sure life is easier without an eating disorder but just because you recover doesn’t mean life is always amazing. Instead you have to work towards your goals and create a life you love.

Make choices that are align with your goals and the life you want to live.

Also i have gotten questions about if i am single or when will i start dating/be in a relationship….

First of all i think those questions are so silly. They don’t stress me out, but for many i know dating questions stress them out and make them feel bad. I’m not the type of person who feels bad being single or who worries about being forever single…. i know I’ll find someone eventually, and even if i don’t, i don’t really care. I’m so comfortable in my own life and being on my own.

Sure i do go on dates and such but i don’t like the conversations that lead no where and i can feel like it’s a waste of my time if it’s not going anywhere hahha.

I am at a stage in my life where i just don’t have time or motivation to date someone. I’ve got my goals to work towards and got my habits and routine and i don’t have time to let anyone new into my life.

Also i feel like I’d rather date someone who already knows what i do online. I really don’t feel like explaining that i take pictures of food and have a blog hahah.

So many people are stressed about not having a partner but i think everything has a place and a time. And i am not about to chase someone either. If you ever feel bad about being single learn to 1) be comfortable in your own presence, 2) do things on your own, 3) enjoy being single and not having to adapt or change for anyone else.

The important thing is to not settle for anyone less than you deserve just out of loneliness. Don’t lower your standards just because you are lonely.

There are pro’s and con’s to being in a relationship or being single but just embrace whichever status you have/are in!!!

These are just the thoughts i have had recently and wanted to share!! Work towards creating a better life, make choices that are align with the life you want!!

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  1. Lily says:

    So sweet and inspiring post! I’m so glad you came to a stage of life where you feel truly happy!


  2. bakedbyclo says:

    Congrats on finding your happy thing ❤❤ you’re clearly very gifted in the kitchen! xo


  3. carol says:

    I really loved reading this post Izzy and are so happy for you that you are enjoying your life so much. You have worked so hard to achieve this state and overcome so much to get where you are now – I believe you truly deserve to be happy 🙂
    I have noticed that you have become more creative with your cooking/recipes too and I think its awesome! I love the recipes you share on here and think that you really should persue your talents for making such great meals out of simple ingredients ( – maybe put another book together?) There is definitely a gap in the market for budget friendly, simple vegan meal ideas/recipes according to me. So many of the vegan cookery books/recipe magazines use way out ingredients and the recipes aren’t exactly everyday eating/cooking either – so your slant of healthy, simple but wholesome food would go down a treat I think 🙂 I know you have definitely inspired me through your recipes!


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