Pictures from my week & the week that’s been

Apparently it is Sunday and another week has passed by…. and Monday feels like a lifetime ago. If it weren’t for pictures and my Instagram i wouldn’t know or remember what i did on Monday…. not so sure if this is a good thing or not. Maybe it shows i have bad memory? Maybe it shows i am addicted to social media and not living in the present? Who knows…. But i think it is mostly that i don’t keep track of the days, i just follow my work schedule and show up, not really thinking about which day it is. Of course, what work i have and what the work entails does vary which day of the week it is. However i am not the only one not keep track of the days, one of my work collegues began doing all the Sunday evening work things yesterday until i began to ask her what she was doing and then she realised it was Saturday and not Sunday. Good thing that i amn’t alone in not really keeping track of the days!


So, how has my week been?

It has been good, but i have felt stressed and tired. I took an extra work shift meaning i have only had one free day this week… which of course is a little exhausting, as my next free day of work is on Tuesday, meaning 7 days in a row of work. However i do enjoy my work and as i know i am trying to save up money, i know it is worth it. But i am looking forward to my free day, even if it is supposed to rain all day.

I have to say, i am getting a little stressed and sad about the fact that we are half way through summer…. it’s only now i realise that we are almost half way through July and the only real summer month left is August, and then it just gets colder and darker again. I am feeling sad about that. However, i don’t want to dwell on that and instead focus on the days that are left of summer and enjoy them as much as possible!!

This week i have worked, meal prepped (all the recipes from the past week), i have gone for walks, i have been to the gym once, i finished a whole box of granola in 24 hours (Hahahah), i found a new vegan ice cream (Toffee-caramel) which i highly recommend you try if you find it! I have had one half day to spend time in the sun. I have burnt my hand – yet again when cooking.

I have listened to countless amounts of podcast shows. I have gotten the first preliminary results/acceptance letters of the courses i applied to for autumn, though i won’t know for sure until August.


I lost my snapcheat streak of almost 1 year with my sister, because she was too tired to reply. Same thing happened this time last year. I.e we could have had 2 years of a streak. I have now given up on using Snapchat and just use IGstory hahahah. The only reason i checked snapchat was to send some snaps to my friends and to keep up the streak with my sister! (For those of you who don’t know what a snapchat streak is, just Google it!).

I don’t really know what else to write about this week… the majority of my time is spent at work, meaning there isn’t much time left for other things in my life.


I have been meaning to write some posts and share my thoughts on certain things i have had this week, but i haven’t had the time or energy to just sit down and write. And whenever i do have the time either i just feel tired or uninspired so can’t write my thoughts down anyway.

Anyway, there is a little update from my week! And next week i hopefully have a few more days off from work meaning more time for other things 🙂


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  1. stephanie says:

    Dear Izzy,

    I would recommend you this very very instructive podcast about vegan nutrition: the Exam room by the physicians Committee:


  2. Kristin says:

    hope your hand is ok! i can’t believe it is already mid-july, summer is flying by so fast!


  3. carol says:

    I am so glad I`m not the only one losing track of the days 🙂 Having so many Bank Holidays really throws me out at this time of year and its so easy to get the days muddled up!
    Sounds like you have had a busy week – hope you enjoy your day off when it finally comes round! What would you like/intend to study in the new term?


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