Chickwheat shreds/Pulled ch*cken seitan recipe!

Seitan…. i love eating it, i don’t necessarily love making it.

It has been one of those foods which has just felt too complicated and too time consuming to make. But it feels like i have finally begun to get good at it… i guess it is one of those things that you have to just keep practising at.

Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten, and no… eating gluten isn’t a problem unless you are sensitive to wheat or have celiac. However, with all foods i would recommend moderation. Gluten is a protein, which makes seitan very rich in protein and when you combine the vital wheat gluten with tofu or chickpeas/chickpea flour which some seitan recipes require, it increases the protein content even more. However seitan is often very high in sodium as well due to all the seasoning and marinades it needs to get the right flavour. My advice is just to eat seitan in moderation and vary with other protein sources, so that it isn’t your only protein source.

I have to say though, making your own seitan may be time consuming but it is alot cheaper than buying premade seitan or fake meat. And you can flavour it however you want which is a plus!!

If you like fake meat or like the meaty texture, then you HAVE to try this recipe!!!


I didn’t make this recipe myself – i am not that talented – so i will link to the original recipe below, and just going to mention my adaptions to the recipe!



Original recipe HERE , check out the recipe for a step by step instruction with pictures on how to make the recipe!

More pictures, to help with the recipe instructions, below!

Pulled chicken seitan recipe



STEP 1:IMG_20180713_174734_083.jpg







STEP 4-5





STEP 720180713_221023.jpg





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  1. carol says:

    As this is quite involved to make could you batch cook/prepare a large quantity and then freeze it? Just a thought – then you would have it for whenever you wanted it instead of having to make it each time.


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