Eggplant schnitzel recipe

Sometimes when i am looking through my cabinets i am struck with a new idea/recipe and think, why haven’t i thought about this before?

I was looking through my cabinets and was planning on making tofu “fish” with bread crumbs, when i realised that…. why not make something similar but with eggplant? Like an eggplant schnitzel!

This recipe turned out really good for the first time trying it…. though i think that has more to do with the simplicity of the recipe.

This is a recipe without measurements because, you really don’t need measurements…. you just pour the dry ingredients in a bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl, and add more of which ever you need!


I am sure you can make a batter for this schnitzel, example using flour, seasoning and water. But as i had no flour at home i had to opt for breading the eggplant without a batter mix and it turned out just as good. So if you try this at home, i am sure you can try either with or without using a batter 🙂

How i roast my potatoes, recipe HERE



eggplant schnitzel


I thought i would finally try to be somewhat proffessional with my recipes, hahaha. So going to try make these recipe cards which will make it easier to read and copy the recipe. HOWEVER it also takes quite alot of time to do so i might not do it for every recipe…. i don’t really know, it depends on how much time i have. But i am thinking, i need to step up my blog game and this is the next step! So i hope you will all appreciate it 🙂 And i am going to try different backgrounds and such until i find one i like… 🙂

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Linnea says:

    Åhh blir så sugen på att testa detta!!


  2. carol says:

    Love the “new look” of your recipe suggestions!
    I think using breadcrumbs for this is good too – I think I`d prefer them over making batter. Going to try this myself – it sounds delicious – thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 It is alot easier to read and save the recipes, so i think i will stick with it as often as i can. When it is actual recipes anyway and not just “mix together this and that” haha 🙂 It is super easy to make and you can try just using sesame seeds as well instead of bread crumbs 🙂


  3. Arctic Hare! says:

    The recipe card looks really nice!! And this sounds like a brilliant and yummy idea! 😀


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