Home made vegan BBQ pulled seitan!!

Are you a lover of fake meat such as pulled Oumph!, but your wallet isn’t as excited about the weekly purchase of fake meat…? Well here is a recipe for you!!!

I am a huge fan of fake meat… By now i am sure you are all aware of this. However, fake meat such as Oumph!, Frys or even VegMe isn’t always the most price valuble food to buy. It’s easy to finish a €4-€5 euro pacakge in two meals. So then you have to get creative and make your own….. And as i have been trying to experiment with seitan i realised, why not make my own pulled seitan?

The key to this of course is the marinade….. and i would suggest you use a premade BBQ sauce. But if you don’t want to buy one, you can follow the recipe for a home made BBQ sauce below!



The recipe is super simple, and you need to have premade pulled seitan, according to THIS recipe!

If you try this recipe, let me know!!! I am hoping to experiment more with seitan in the future!!


Vegan BBQ pulled seitan


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  1. Melissa says:

    There’s no actual link to the pre-made pulled seitan! I can’t wait to try this, it looks amazing!


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