Vegan mojito cheesecake recipe!

One of the top 5 things I love about being with my family is that I can make cake and enjoy it with others!!

I love baking and every chance I get I will bake… however it is not as much fun to bake when it is just me eating it. Sure, it is always nice to have some cheesecake or brownies in the freezer for when I get cravings. And I do give away to homeless as well as to friends if I have too much baked goods at home. So whenever I am at home with my family I take the chance to bake something… and one of my favourites is cheesecake!! It is so simple and the flavours of cheesecake can vary endlessly!!

There is one cheesecake I have wanted to try for a long time and that is a mojito cheesecake (i.e lime and mint flavour!). I first saw the recipe on FB several weeks ago and have since then wanted to try…. And finally, it was my time to try make the cake!!!


As mentioned, the original recipe is from FB. But I changed the measurements a little when I made the cake!! Also if you want to see me make the cake, check out my Instagram story (I have made a highlight where I make the cake so you can watch it there!)! That is the first step to making youtube videos haha… next step is to a live on my Instagram 😊


So onto the recipe then….?

mojito cheesecake recipes

It is as simple as that and from what I have tasted it tastes great… though I didn’t have enough mint in my cake, so I would recommend using c.a 100ml of mint (fresh or frozen!), and also having a little extra for decoration 😊



My next cheesecake flavour will be coffee and caramel I think!!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth Pilcher says:

    Yum!! Can’t wait to try!!


  2. carol says:

    This looks so good! Its always nicer when you can cook/bake for others rather than just yourself all the time – hope they enjoyed the cake 🙂


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