The week that’s been! Update & photos!

This week has gone extremely quickly and felt very short…. That might be because this weekend I am away and it has only been 3 workdays this week. Which feels strange after my 5-6workdays the past few weeks.

The weather has been rather grey and dull this week (also been a few “storms” with lightening, thunder and ALOT of sudden rain fall. But i just see that as a positive thing for the plants and grass). But that has meant the perfect time for meal prepping, cleaning, watching series and doing the laundry in my freetime from work.

When it is sunny outside then I really don’t want to do any of those things and just want to be outside.

On Wednesday I also got into the “clean mode” so I even mopped the floor and scrubbed/cleaned all those places you don’t usually clean like under the sink and around the bin, around the windows and all the cabinets and drawers. Also threw away some old glsss jars I kept for some reason as well as pouring lentils, quinoa and grains into glass jars. (This makes me realise JUST HOW MUCH plastic I use/recycle weekly…. I mean when it all piles up at once it shows just how much plastic it is.)

I don’t really know why I meal prepped so much when I only really needed 24 hours of food, haha. But I froze some of the food in which is ready for when I come home which is good because it is a full week of work next week.

I am looking forward to a few days with my family and my dog. I didn’t think I would get to travel to Stockholm this summer because of my work schedule, but there were some changes in my work schedule, meaning that I could infact get a few days away! I actually booked the trip very spontaneously…. And I am glad I did because 1) it is going to be grey weather in Gothenburg all weekend and it supposed to be good weather in Stockholm this weekend, 2) my gym is closed all weekend (hahahha, not sure why I am sharing this), 3) it is my step dads birthday and 4) I have missed my dog so incredibly much.

Anyway, before this post gets too long… here are some photos from my week (very short week!!!).

^^My dog hates the camera so it is not easy to get a good picture of me and her!


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  1. carol says:

    We get our recycling bin collected and emptied every fortnight, and it always amazes me that each time it is full – if everyones bin in my road is the same that’s an awful lot of paper and plastic. You are right, its not until you see it all amassed that you realise just how much stuff gets thrown away, and how much everything seems to be made out of plastic.
    I hope you had a really nice weekend with your family and enjoyed catching up with everyone again. Lovely to see you looking so well and happy in your photos 🙂


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